BONECO 7146 Personal Travel Humidifier Review

The BONECO 7146 is a device that will surely let you enjoy clean and fresh anywhere you are. You can use at home, office, and even when you are travelling. The design of this humidifier is very compact so you can just fit it in any kind of luggage you will bring for your travel purposes. All you need to do is to connect a PET bottle and plug this device in an outlet, then you can already enjoy fresh and clean air just like from the nature itself.
You will surely enjoy this humidifier because of it has an automatic switch off mechanism. Once the bottle is already empty, this device will automatically shut off. If you are the type of person who tends to forget switching off devices at times, then this is the perfect travel humidifier for you.

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High Frequency Technology

It’s all thanks to the high frequency technology of Boneco 7146. This feature allows the water to be converted to a micro-fine mist that is released in the air through the use of a fan. The good thing about this is that the mist water that is given off is without limescale. This is because of the integrated demineralization cartridge included in the device.

This device can effectively increase the humidity or moisture in the air. You might be wondering about how the moisture is created by this ultrasonic humidifier. To make it simple, the vibration coming from the ceramic diaphragm of Boneco 7146 is in ultrasonic frequency state. This is the reason why droplets of water are created. It will slowly exit the humidifier and released in the air. The end result will be a cool fog. This can definitely provide you a refreshed feeling inside out.

You should note that ultrasonic humidifiers like Boneco 7146 should be cleaned regularly to prevent it from being contaminated by bacteria that comes from the reservoir. Cleaning this device will prevent the bacteria from being released in the air.

Ionic Silver Stick

If you are a type of person who is very health conscious, then you will surely enjoy the antibacterial features of Boneco 7146. This humidifier is equipped with an Ionic Silver Stick that works as a bacteria killer. The water that passes through this stick will automatically be filtered from harmful microorganisms.

You would be sure that the water quality is clean and filtered already. This is one of the reasons why hospitals also utilize Boneco 7146 because it can help in maintaining the rooms of their patients free from microbes. It is best used if the patients are suffering from respiratory problems like asthma and chronic bronchitis.

The element ionic silver is known to have sanitizing effect. The technology included with this humidifier helps in enhancing the antibacterial properties of silver. Now, what’s not to love with Boneco 7146?

Boneco 7146 Features and Specifications

  • High frequency mechanism – the process of using ultrasonic frequency to produce water droplets.
  • Ionic Silver Stick – this feature allows the water to be filtered from bacteria through it
  • Humidity attained in just a short time – it will not take long for the air in the area to be humidified
  • Cost-effective – this ultrasonic humidifier will not make your utility bills higher since it has a very low energy consumption
  • Demineralized Cartridge – this allows water to be free from limescale
  • Titanium Surface – this material makes it corrosion-resistant. Made to be used for longer period of time
  • Easy Maintenance of Water

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We would like to award Boneco 7146 with a rating of 7 out of 10 because of its remarkable features when it comes to purifying the air. Many customers have already availed this mainly because of the portable and compact design. Most of them are very satisfied because you can bring it anywhere you like.

The antibacterial properties of this ultrasonic humidifier are excellent in making the air clean and refreshed. You can really see the difference in the air quality after using the Boneco 7146. When you operate it, you will not be disturbed by the sound of the device. It runs smoothly and quietly, making it possible for you to sleep sound.

Most of the feedbacks are positive. Users are satisfied and relieved that clean air is within their reach. It is definitely a must-have for everyone.

Things to Improve

The Boneco 7146 is indeed one of the recommended humidifiers in the market; however, there are times when minor issues crop up while using this, just like with others. Some users reported that it tends to have leaks whenever used. It will usually happen when the rim of the bottle is not that fit with the tube of the humidifier. It is best to use bottles that have similar opening to avoid leaks.


If you are an extrovert type and love travelling so much, then you ought to have the Boneco 7146 in your luggage. It will be a good travelling companion for you if you want to have fresh air around the area you are staying at. It has antibacterial properties that you will surely benefit from. If you are interested with this best compact travel humidifier, you can check out its complete features and reviews in this site.

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