Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals Review

The Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals are suitable for every bike enthusiast or cyclist with its super high-quality, dual-sided and non-slip platform. It comes with a chromoly steel 9/6-inch typical spindle.

These mountain bike pedals are made of 6061 aluminum material alloy and its weight is lighter than normal pedals. It has a weight of 0.37 pounds and the user can choose a variety of colors from black, red, or titanium.

This brand of bike pedals will surely give you a perfect balance and great grip for your best biking experience.

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Lesser Weight and a Better Grip Experience

The Bonmixc mountain bike pedals use lightweight materials compared to normal bike pedals. Weighing only 0.37 pounds, it is even lighter than the usual plastic type.

It will surely give a better biking experience for bike enthusiasts because they can grip the pedals with less effort and energy.

The lightweight pedals eliminate the stress and fatigue on your feet as you do not have to grip hard. A lighter pedal will also lessen the cases of broken ones because according to studies, a heavy pedal is more prone to breaking issues.

Lubricated and Sealed Four Bearings for a Stable Platform

The design of the Bonmixc mountain bike pedals is guaranteed to complete the missing piece of your bike. Its elegant and sophisticated design and choices of color will make your bike look more expensive.

The lubricated and sealed four bearings of the pedals will give you a stable platform. Moreover, the dual-sided platform feature will surely help those cyclists with big feet to control the pedals tighter and easier.Typical pedals do not cover the biker’s whole feet that he encounters recurring issues of unstable biking. Many bike enthusiasts will be happier with the Bonmixc’s wider platform.

The sealed four bearings of the pedals also protect and cover it from dirt and sand. You no longer have to experience a hard time cleaning these.

Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals Features and Specifications

  • This mountain bike pedals have a non-slip and dual-side platform that makes it safe and comfortable for every user.
  • The improved lubricated bearing is more stable and it has four sealed bearing pedals. This allows the user to secure the pedals from sand and dirt.
  • The standard spindle of the mountain bike pedals is composed of chromoly steel 9/6 inch.
  • 6061 aluminum alloy is a high-strength material foundation of these mountain bike pedals.
  • It is lightweight at 0.37 pounds, with a dimension of 0.75×3.98×4.60 inches.

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Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals Reviews

These mountain bike pedals get a score of 4.8 because of the high quality and impressive design. The score is supported by relevant online reviews and our own assessment.

We found its light weight impressive. One online review said that the Bonmixc is a perfect balance for his daily routine of biking.

The other online review said that he felt attached to the bike because of these. He feels secured as the pedals do not slide on his feet because of the lubricated and sealed four bearings.

Its wide platform allows the feet of every user to strongly attach on it. In fact, one of the users posted his review saying that its attachment is strong like it is being glued-on.

These mountain bike pedals are so easy to install in just a snap and it will give you a better experience for your biking transportation.

Things to Improve

There are so many positive online reviews about these mountain bike pedals, and we could not agree more because of its impressive clutch. The only thing that we see that Bonmixc can do better is to add more features.

One of the reviews posted online mentioned that the manufacturer could widen its platform clutch. In addition, if the platform is foldable, it will be better. They may also add sturdiness and durability to the pedal.

There were reviews saying that after a day of using the pedals, they broke and the user could no longer use it. It might be a factory defect that Bonmixc should have taken care of. Nonetheless, this bike pedal is a great pedal for beginners and pros.


The bike pedals are crucial elements to have a suitable interface and control while biking. It is important to choose the best quality bike pedal so that you can have a well-balanced biking experience as you go from one place to another. Hence, the bike pedals are also one of the three contact points where your bike and your body meet.

The features of Bonmixc mountain bike pedals will surely create a great lift for every cyclist across the world. These light weight bike pedals will establish an easier grip and faster means of transportation. The lighter the weight, then the faster that you will arrive to your destination.

You can check other reviews about the best mountain bike pedals to give your more information in choosing the best pedal for your bike.

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