Bosch GCL25 5-Point Alignment Laser Review

The Bosch GCL25 Laser with Cross-Line is the laser level you should purchase if you will take on everyday leveling tasks. It is designed for multi-use, which means that you can use at  various job sites and work settings. Its adaptability and convenient use are brought about by the single button operation. This makes the setup easy and hassle-free no matter what your leveling task is.

This laser level also features a combination of different laser planes: vertical, horizontal, plumb transfer, square, and layout applications. This means that you can move leveling points on the floor to the ceiling using the different features of this laser level. This broad combination selection makes the Bosch GCL25 Self Leveling 5-Point a versatile tool.

Because of this feature, this laser level is suitable for the use of different professions such as electricians, kitchen installer, framer, plumber, tradesmen, general contractor, drywall installer, homebuilder, and many other experts. You will no longer have to pack and setup several laser levels just to get the leveling accuracy required by your project since the five different points featured in the Bosch GCL25 can cover it all.

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Keyboard Operation for Easy Changing of the Leveling Points

To shift the leveling point to another in the Bosch GCL25, you may use the keypad. Pressing the keyboard for a certain number of times will land you to a particular leveling mode. When you turn the laser level on with the pendulum unlocked and the self-leveling mode is on, you will land on the default mode, where you have the cross lines. At the first press of the keypad, you will land of the 5-point mode; second press on the horizontal plane; third press on the vertical plane; and fourth press to return to default mode.

Under the locked pendulum in the slope mode with self-leveling off, the presses will lead you to the following: default is cross line mode; first press for horizontal mode; second press for vertical mode; and third press to return to default mode.

Three Different Levels for Different Modes

The Bosch GCL25 Self Leveling has an auto on-and-off switch. This button features the lock function of the pendulum, which you can set depending on what mode you would like for your leveling project. The GCL25 has three different levels namely, the self-leveling mode and the laser is on, self-leveling mode off and the laser is on, and lastly, the laser is off.

Bosch GCL25 Features & Specifications

Here are the features and specifications of Bosch GCL25 :

  • Weight – 1.1 pounds, lightweight for easy transport
  • Accuracy Level – with Cross-Line +/- 1/8 of an inch at 30 feet, with Point +/- ¼ of an inch at 30 feet
  • Power Source – 4 AA, 1.5 Volt Batteries
  • Dimensions – 6.1 x 4.6 x 2.2
  • Laser Diode Class – II 635-670 nanometer
  • Leveling Type – Self-Leveling
  • Leveling Range – Up to 4°
  • Mount Threading – at ¼ to20, 5/8 to 11
  • Operating Temperature – may reach 14°F/-10°C  to approximately 122°F/50°C
  • Ranges – for Plumb Points, can be extended to 15 feet, for Cross Line, can be extended to 30 feet, for horizontal points can be extended to 100 feet

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Bosch GCL25 Reviews & Ratings

As of this writing, the Bosch GCL25 Self Leveling 5-Point has received 64+ reviews. Its editor rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars. The top positive feedback about this tool highlights that this is an award winning equipment for laser levels. The reviewer enumerated many positive things about the unit. All in all, the unit, in his opinion, is worth its price especially with the multitude of features that it has.

Things to Improve

Some customers, however, had some issues with the Bosch GCL25. One customer highlighted that the unit displayed a blurry dot at a 50-foot range. According to him, this affected the accuracy of the work as the dot reached up to ¾ inch in diameter at that distance. However, the customer did say that it was a great unit for close work. It was well constructed, and the laser was bright enough. The ability of the tool to combine the line and the dot in just a single equipment was favorable for him as well.


People with varying fields of expertise use the Bosch GCL25 for their straightening and leveling tasks in light commercial applications. The tool will require familiarization about the pressing of keypad to achieve the right modes for the job requirements.

The unit itself is durable, lightweight, and easy to setup, which is why there should be no worries about its quality. Its wide array of features makes it a sound investment for those who need an adaptable and convenient laser level in their workshops.

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