Bosch GLL 3-50 Rotary Laser Level Review

The Bosch GLL 3-50 is another technological innovation from the Bosch Company. Bosch is known to manufacture high caliber equipment and product in different lines. In the field of level lasers, this tool has gained a good reputation in the industry due to its extremely good performance.

This comes with an L-Boxx which is very affordable. This feature makes it very famous in the market. Whether you are a professional user of just an occasional user at home, you will surely benefit from this rotary level laser. The Smart Pendulum System allows it to self-level and it will notify you if you are already beyond the intended level. You can use it as far as 160 feet with accuracy and precision.

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360 Degrees of Pivoting

This level laser provides 360 degrees of mounting base with a pivoting mechanism that also works hand-in-hand with the fine tune adjustment knob. This is made with a design of over-mold housing to provide ultimate protection to this tool. This is certified IP 54 which means that it is really safe to use even with the presence of water in the job site.

Aside from this, a smart pendulum system makes possible for it to self-level and notify it already goes beyond its limit. You don’t need to worry in transferring it to different areas because the locking mechanism ensures its safety. You can either choose to use it with a tripod or a mount pairing device.

Combination of Laser

The Bosch GLL 3-50 is a device that is integrated with a laser for plumb bob functions. It can perform its task as accurately and precisely as possible. This has the ability to project a plumb as well as the level line starting from the front down to the bottom. It has the capacity to make a partial cross line in the ceiling for your reference. This is really perfect for projecting square lines.

This is ideal for doing and projecting square layout as well as level layout. You can actually do it in the surrounding walls that you intend to work on. However, it can work on two walls at the same time. All you need to do is to rotate the Bosch GLL 3-50 then you can eventually start the layout.

This has a removable rotating base that you can attach and detach anytime depending on your need and requirement. A fine adjustment knob also helps in providing efficiency and flexibility with this device. Even if you are 30 feet away, you can still see the beams of this level laser. You can detect it as far as 165 to 170 feet away in normal lighting conditions.

You can opt to put in pulse mode for optional detection. Aside from this, the switch of this device can function as a pendulum lock to prevent damage to the tool while you are transporting it.

Bosch GLL 3-50 Features and Specifications

  • 360 degrees pivoting base for more accuracy and versatility
  • Class II Laser tool
  • Plumb and Level Lines – can act as a plumb bob
  • Self-level mechanism – can do up to 4 degrees of self –leveling
  • Operates with a 4 AA batteries
  • Range with Detector
  • Indoor visibility

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Bosch GLL 3-50 Reviews

Due to its very unique capabilities and features, we will give this Bosch GL 3-50 a rating of 7 out of 10. Most of the users agree that this tool is indeed very versatile and reliable. They are able to apply it to most of their leveling task with no problem. They are satisfied with the pulse receiver mode because it can receive the beam for as far as 165 feet.

Another user also noted that the smart pendulum feature of this level laser has helped them in carrying out leveling tasks with much productivity rate. They are able to finish the task with minimal supervision and manpower because the system is very reliable in notifying whether it is already beyond this limit. This feature has gained a lot of positive feedbacks from the users and customers.

Things to Improve

If there is something to improve in Bosch GL 3-50, probably it’s the protection housing of this tool. It is better if the maker will provide a stronger and sturdier one to ensure the total protection that your level laser needs.


The Bosch GL 3-50 has proven that its three liner feature can do so well in the field of leveling planes and surfaces. It has captured the trust of most users because of its accuracy and independence in operation.

This best three liner level laser is recommended for you if you are planning to renovate a residential land. It works best with average distances by offering self-leveling features. Check it out if you think it fits your needs and requirements. You can use the other reviews for your reference.

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