Bosch GRL300HVCK Rotary Laser Review

In the field of rotary level lasers, the Bosch GRL300HVCK will surely be one of the crowd’s favorites. This machine can be a little expensive compared to other rotary level lasers in the market. Although it comes in a more expensive price, it is surely worth every penny you’ll pay for it. It has a wide array of features that can really outsell other level lasers out there.

Even if you have a low light setting, you can surely have maximum visibility since you can adjust the scan angles depending on your preference. This feature allows you to adjust it to your comfort. The speed selection mode can also work best for light visibility and distance travel. You will also like its ability to level both horizontal and vertical planes without any problem. This will save you from the burden of manual leveling.

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Speed Selection Features and Electronic Leveling

The Bosch GRL300HVCK has an electronic self-leveling feature that allows you to help ensure precision and accuracy. This will help in eliminating human errors as you work. You will be amazed by its capability to self-level efficiently as possible. This can work for both x and y axis with 360 degrees coverage.

Electronic Self leveling feature is a very convenient feature especially if you are not eligible for manual leveling. Of course it is very hard to level a land especially if you’re not used to extreme labor. This is best for people who have body ailments especially at the back.

In terms of speed selection, this machine allows you to adjust the scan angles according to your comfort. The variable speed ranges from 150/300/600 rpm. These particular features help in greater visibility. Even if there is no bright light around you, you can still see your leveling work as clearly as possible. The laser detector of Bosch GRL300HVCK can be used in bright light instead.

Remote Control Feature

This is probably one of the most convenient features of this rotary level laser. Even if you don’t have anyone to help you with your task, you can easily accomplish your leveling tasks with ease through the use of the remote control. It customizes the controls that can be used at the same time. You will really find this convenient especially if laser leveling is your main job.

It also helps in achieving accuracy while you work. The detector included in this kit has a range that reached up to 1000 feet. This makes it possible for this level laser to be used in broad daylight.

You can also benefit from its durability and long life battery. Even if you use the remote control for the whole time, you will still be able to use this machine for extended hours. The 2-D cell batteries allow it to be operated for about 40 hours.

The high IP rating proves the durability of Bosch GRL300HVCK. This is very resistant to shocks. This is also brought by the tough cage enclosing this sturdy rotary machine. This proves that it can survive long in any job site.

Bosch GRL300HVCK Features and Specifications

  • Red Color of Laser – used as a detector laser
  • Electronic Self-leveling – say goodbye to manual leveling
  • Very accurate leveling feature
  • Detector ranges up to 1000 feet – farther than most of the rotary level lasers in the market
  • Variable Speed settings
  • Operates with 2D batteries
  • 40 hours battery life – you will be amazed to know that you can use this up to 40 hours in your job site.
  • Horizontal and Vertical leveling – this machine offers the premium feature of leveling for both the x and y axis
  • Lay out beams and Variable Scan angles

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Bosch GRL300HVCK Reviews

Due to its many applications, we will give this the Bosch GRL300HVCK a rating of 6 out of 10. You can surely complete most of your tasks with this rotary level laser. Some of the users are able to use it in adding a wall in their properties. They can simply project a vertical beam to the place where they want the wall to be placed. They find it easier than any other method.

Most of the users praised it for its convenient use in anchoring something to cabinets and shelves. They are able to use it by creating a vertical reference line to the ceiling. Once they are able to mark the studs, the user can now drive the screws to the reference laser line. They are really happy because they can utilize it for most of their outdoor tasks.

Things to Improve

Some of the users noted that there are tasks that require them to come up with a really flat plane or surface. According to them, the Bosch GRL300HVCK is perfect and recommended for average use. If you need to do an extreme leveling task, then it is better to opt for heavy duty rotary level lasers.


If you are searching for a professional rotary level laser, then Bosch GRL300HVCK is the name to search for. This can be one of your best options. This is best recommended if you are a professional in the field of leveling planes and surfaces. You will really find this machine to be versatile enough to do variety of tasks.

This machine is indeed a good investment, so check out this best self-leveling rotary level laser now and sees what others have got to say about it.

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