Bosch MX30EK-35 Oscillating Tool Review

If you are searching for the best oscillating tool in the market, then you should have the Bosch MX30EK-35. This is definitely a product of excellence because of its features. When you avail this product, it comes with a case as well as 35 accessories and attachments.

This kit also has the quick change feature that you would be looking for in most products. The motor is also more powerful compared to other leading brands in the market. The speed can also be controlled by the Constant Response Circulatory. This is basically used to maintain a constant speed.

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Constant Response Circuitry

One of its best features is its constant response circuitry; it has a 3.0-amp motor that can conquer all the odds against the efficacy of this product. It allows the oscillator kit to maintain its current speed even though the activity is getting tougher and heavy duty. There are times that you need to work on loads of cutting tasks. The Bosch MX30EK-35 will surely be able to finish the task without losing its efficacy in terms of speed.

The motor of this oscillator is also very durable. Aside from this, it is very lightweight compared to other Bosch Oscillating tools. The quick lever change system also gives it an edge over other heavy duty oscillating tools. The cord of this device is very long, so you can cover a longer distance while working.

In terms of speed control, this device comes with speed setting. This feature allows it to work perfectly for tasks that need accurate details and precision. The speed is reliably consistent, ensuring a quality finished task.

Soft Grip Ergonomics for Comfort

This is meant for comfort whenever you are handling your cutting or sanding job. The handle is easy to grip with its small circumference. People with small hands will be able to grip it without any problem as well.

Most of the time, people accidentally drop the oscillator either because it is too heavy, or it is way too big to grip. To avoid accidents and inconsistencies, Bosch designed this oscillator tool kit to be ergonomically practical and convenient.

You would also notice that the handle is soft. You would not end up having sore hands after using this tool. Unlike other hard and rigid handles, Bosch MX30EK-35 would be easy on your delicate hands. Even if you use it for a longer time, you wouldn’t feel too tired.

Bosch MX30EK-35 Features

  • Constant Response Circuit – This allows the tool to maintain its current speed even though it’s underloaded.
  • Powerful 3.0-amp Motor – This tool can be used for heavy duty jobs. The motor is powerful enough to work underloaded.
  • Ergonomics – The handle is easy to grip even for people with small hands. It is also soft to avoid sore and tired hands.
  • Metal House Gear – This feature is meant to lessen the vibration of the tool while at work. Some feel uncomfortable when they feel too much vibration while working. Aside from this, there is tendency to end up having inaccurate measures of cuts.
  • Attachments and other accessories are also included in this kit.

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Bosch MX30EK-35 Reviews

The Bosh MX30EK-35 was awarded with a rating of 9.5 out of 10. This proves that many users trust this product. There are many positive feedbacks regarding its Constant Response Circuitry system because the speed of this oscillating tool is controlled.

Other consumers also noted that this is the perfect oscillating tool for jobs that require strict details. The speed setting is highly effective in getting the right speed for a particular application.

The metal gear house also received a number of commendations. According to the users, the housing was able to keep the attachments intact. It also prevents clutter and accidental loss of the parts. Aside from this, one user stated that it effectively reduces the vibration, allowing him to work comfortably.

Things to Improve

The Bosch MX30EK-35 is indeed a fabulous oscillator tool. However, there are factors that need improvement as well. This oscillator doesn’t have a LED light. You would find it hard to work at night, unless you have a separate flashlight or another reliable source of light.

The blades are also a minor issue. Some users find it hard to slide off. It would be better if the blades are easy to slide off for ease of changing. However, this is just a minor issue and it wouldn’t affect the performance of this oscillator kit.


If you are looking for a multi-speed oscillating tool, then the Bosch MX30EK-35 is the one you are looking for. This is a perfect tool to use for highly detailed tasks that demand accuracy and precision. Aside from this, you will surely find this very comfortable to use because of the soft handle.

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