Bosch PB360S Jobsite Radio & Charger Review

Bosch Radios has been tantamount to reliability and quality performance. This promise remains true in the Bosch PB360S Power Box Jobsite Radio, a product that is built to last, and with amazing performance all throughout.

Coming from Bosch’s line of Power Boxes, the PB360S is made to revolutionize the definition of a job site radio. It features an integrated subwoofer and four speakers that emit exceptional sounds in all four directions. It can be used whenever and wherever, with its casing made of rubber and aluminum that makes it perfect for withstanding harsh job site conditions. It can play multiple types of media and offers recharging outlets for convenience.

The following paragraphs will discuss this audio powerhouse further, and why you should get one for your shop too.

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Play your Music Anytime, Anywhere

The Bosch PB360S brags of its portability, durability, and convenience. Weighing 26.3 pounds and with measuring 14.5 x 14 x 13.5 (inches) for its cage, this power box is surprisingly easy to carry. With its large, rubberized handles made of aluminum, you are ensured of durability and comfort as you carry it. Its capacity to operate on 14.4 Volts to 18 Volt-Li-Ion batteries gives you the freedom to carry it anywhere, even without a nearby outlet. It can also be run on a power source of 120 Volts.

The Bosch PB360S is also designed to resist even the toughest weather conditions, making it perfect for campings, outdoor parties, or just when you wanted to work on your job site while listening to premium sounds.

An Audio Powerhouse

The Power Box 360S is made for the music lover. For the basics, it features a radio that plays on both AM and FM settings with a lot of presets and radio channels. Additionally, the PB360S can also play MP3s and WMAs through its SD (memory) card slot and USB ports. It also provides two auxiliary ports for other types of MP3 players and CD players.

It also features a subwoofer and speakers on four corners of the radio box, projecting sound in all directions. The subwoofer also assures quality sound even in higher volumes.

Bosch PB360S Features and Specs

  • Rubberized, aluminum cage – the PB360S looks steady and indestructible with its casing that also doubles as handles for easy carrying
  • Four speakers in all corners and an integrated subwoofer – provides solid, high-quality sounds even when turned up to maximum volume
  • Allows MP3 and WMA playback through various channels – SD card, flash drives and other USB storage devices, a line-in/out port, and an auxiliary port to connect other music players with a 3mm jack (mobile phones, laptops, etc).
  • Equalizer setting – this radio has 4 default settings and an option to customize.
  • Li-ion battery – the PB360S can either be plugged into a 120-volt AC or powered through its rechargeable Li-ion battery that comes in either 14.4 Volts or 18 Volts
  • Built-in USB power – recharge your other personal devices through its USB ports
  • Weatherproof – even made tougher than its predecessors, the PB360S can endure a heavy fall (up to 10 feet), and also equipped with moisture resistance, waterproofing, and dust protection

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Bosch PB360S Reviews

The Bosch PB360S received high praises, with an editor rating of 9.2 out of 10 from 254+ reviews. One reviewer particularly lauded the sound quality of the radio, describing it as perfect for get-togethers, sports events, parties, and other activities. Another thing that the users love is how heavy-duty it is, and the battery lasts long which makes it an ideal companion in enjoying the great outdoors or whenever a power outlet is not readily available. The weatherproof body is also a really great feature for those who would like to rock and roll all night.

Some users also tried adding a Bluetooth function to the radio which the machine accepts very flawlessly. Its connectivity with multiple media carriers like the USB ports, Memory cards slots, and audio cable also provides the user more options on how to play and what to play for their music.

Things to Improve

One of the minor complaints that the customers had about the product is that the custom equalizer function does not remember the last setting you input, causing you to do it over again. Other than that, the radio sounds amazing, and projects really crisp sound regardless of the setting.


Overall, the Bosch PB360S is an amazing thing to have, regardless if you work in a shop and would like to have some music while you work away, or if you are a lover of the outdoors and would like to take amazing music with you. Be amazed by the crystal clear quality of the sounds projecting from its speakers as well as its integrated subwoofer. Its portability, rechargeable function, and connectivity to different media ensures that music is accessible anytime, anywhere. Get this radio and it will surely liven up your parties, whether indoor or outdoor. Do check out other reviews of the best jobsite radio here.

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  1. Great review of radio’s except that the Bosch PB360S has only 26w and the PB360C has 28w from all sources i can find. The only Bosch that had 50w was the PB360D which is discontinued now and unavailable anywhere. Unfortunately for me I purchased the PB360 based on your report and others and was dissappointed with it’s output, but that said it is a cool unit and great sound just nowhere near the 50w.

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