Bosch RS7 Reciprocating Saw Review

The Bosch RS7 + RAP 10 PK Reciprocating Saw completely understands a user’s needs. It has an 11 amp motor power that would ensure reliable control and precision of cutting through any type of material. It also has dual led lights that help any craftsman perform his work even in different lighting situations accurately.

Other notable features are its tool-less blade change system which provides additional convenience to any user, and of course, the highlight of the show: the ten-piece general purpose blade set that it comes with. We are sure that any craftsman would truly enjoy working with all these attachments and features included.

11 Amp Versatile Motor Power For All Your Cutting Needs

This particular Bosch portable reciprocating saw is muscled up by a powerful set of 11 Amp motor which is fashioned to cut through any materials and perform heavy duty construction like cutting tasks without any sort of hassle.

It is so reliable and unbelievably versatile that you a professional wood worker or seasoned workshop owner will ever lay their hands on. After all Bosch is known for producing high quality state of the art equipment and tools which suits everybody’s crafting needs.

Power Saw With LED? Now that is Ingenious.

What greatly impressed me among all this power tool’s feature is its dual LED lights attached to it. Its lights are long lasting and bright enough to illuminate your cutting tasks. Having such incredible feature to it helps improve the quality of your work as well as enable you to work even at poorly lit places. It is indeed a heavy duty power tool that any sensible workshop owner should have.

I guess we can expect nothing less from the reputable company, Bosch. Whenever we see new technological advancements, it usually comes from them, right? They truly have some of the best engineers around to come up with powerful and effective tools like this.

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Other Features And Products Specifics Included

This portable reciprocating power saw kit is designed not only for heavy duty cutting tasks but also for multitude of other versatile functionalities. And to prove its holistic capabilities here are some of its other features:

  • Among the power tool’s impressive features is its tool less blade change system allowing you to quickly change blades and easy removal of blade.
  • This portable reciprocating power saw has an ergonomic handle with soft comfortable grip which greatly improves comfort and sturdiness of grip while performing heavy duty cutting.
  • It also have a variable speed trigger helping you to improve control and manipulate the cutting speed on multiple types of materials.
  • And last yet not the least the its included collection of ten piece general purpose blade set together with its detailed manual on what specific blade is perfect for a particular material or cutting surface.

Bosch RS7 Reciprocating Saw Reviews

The RS7 + RAP 10PK Reciprocating Saw is designed by Bosch to serve as a authority to all cutting, demolition, and sawing needs. And if you are going to ask most owners of this incredibly versatile cutting contraption they would agree that it is being true to Bosch’s initial intent of creating a portable power saw that will rule over other power saws in the market. It has highly defined features making it one of a kind and extremely recommended by most veteran workshop owners, wood crafter, and construction workers.

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Many customers are pleased with their portable reciprocating power saw that it is quite difficult to find a flaw in to this power tool. But alas, like any other power tool that we have reviewed it has a simple flaw that can be easily forgiven. According to one customer that we have encountered in one review, he have noticed that its blade release is quite problematic at times making it a bit difficult to utilize. But other than that one user, we haven’t read any other negative feedback so far.


This power tool is relatively pleasing and if you are going to ask us how we are going to rate in scale of ten one being the lowest and ten being the highest we would give this product a ten due to its heavy duty capabilities and its versatility. See more best reciprocating saw here.

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