Boss Industrial ES7T20 Log Splitter Review

In terms of quality, the Boss EST7T20 will surely capture the whole market with its remarkable performance. This 2-horsepower device can effectively make the machines start just with a push of the button. This is very convenient for quick start-up situations. You can use this log splitter for most of your wood-clearing activities.

You will be happy to know that Boss ES7T20 is a professional log splitter because of its ability to produce above-satisfactory job outputs. It is equipped with a hydraulic system and other heavy-duty parts to come up with a fast and smooth finish. If you would like a log splitter that will be perfect for your home use, then this can be your perfect choice.

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Industrial-Grade Cutting Mechanism

The Boss ES7T20 is considered as a heavy-duty log splitter; that is why this is capable of handling tough woods like oak and lumber. It has the ability to cut through even the toughest of the woods. You can surely depend on the motor of this log splitter because it can really go long and far without quitting on you.

It can split logs with a diameter of 16 inches. Imagine how thick it could be, but this log splitter can cut it as easy as a breeze. This capability allows you to use it for professional and industrial uses. It can double your production rate and perform for longer hours compared with other wood splitters in the market.

You can also test its capacity with timber. Even if you place thicket diameter of timber, you can surely split it up effortlessly. This log splitter is indeed a powerhouse in its league. This is also the reason why it is widely known in the industry.

The motor runs in 1500 watts, which is indeed more powerful than the other models in the market. This gives it the power to split with outmost strength and sinews. It allows you to use it whenever there is an available 115 circuit in the area. To top it all, you just need to push a button to make it work. This is perfect for you if you don’t have the luxury of spending too much time assembling and mounting it.

Rugged Design and Durable Construction

This professional grade log splitter has a rugged design. You will really like the way it looks because it shows traces of modernity and technology. The design is also created to provide ease of usage. You will definitely accomplish your log-splitting task easier and faster. It only weighs around 106 pounds so you can just easily carry it.

The compact structure and design of this Boss ES7T20 is very convenient for people who need to spend hours in wood-clearing tasks. You surely won’t have strained hands and arms because the splitter feels comfortable when held. When you avail this, it is already assembled so you don’t need to worry about complicated assembling of parts.

The splitting performance of this machine will leave you stunned because it can work so efficiently. You can also subject it to horizontal splitting. The auto RAM features makes this horizontal splitting possible.

Boss ES7T20 Features and Specifications

  • Rugged design – it is best for carrying because it is very comfortable to hold.
  • Compact design – you will find it very easy to use because the design is meant to give you easier time in using it.
  • Powerfulmotor – the2HP motor runs with 1500 volts. This is for heavy-duty machine qualification.
  • 25 Cable – the inclusion of the cable makes it possible to be used in 115 volts circuit.
  • 7 ton power in splitting – this makes it really powerful in its splitting mechanism.
  • 7 inch splitter – this is made of steel so it is very durable.

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Boss ES7T20 Reviews

Due to its operation, we will give Boss ES7T20 a rating of 7 out of 10. You can perform one hand operations with this log splitter. This is probably one of its good features. You just need to press the button for the switch of the splitter; then, you can outright start doing your start.

Many of the users are really very satisfied and amazed by its capacity to handle heavy-duty tasks. They can even use it for their business-related activities. Some of them opt using this one because they can save much time instead of doing the wood clearing for the whole day.

Things to Improve

The only concern that you need to consider is that this device doesn’t have towing capabilities. Aside from this, the wedge is not replaceable. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry because the splitter is made from hard steel.


Based from the features of Boss ES7T20, you will surely know that this log splitter is one of the best choices in the market. This is really recommended for people who need to frequently do log-splitting activities. It has good cutting capabilities and a very powerful motor as well. This device is surely one of the best heavy-duty log splitters that is already available.

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