BOSTITCH BTMT72287 Socket Set, 65-Piece Review

The BOSTITCH BTMT72287, 65-Piece is a product set that is ideal for automotive enthusiasts and professionals. Whether you work on outside or just inside your garage, this product set offers a wide variety of tools on getting projects done. Each of its tools, specifically the ratchet, handles secure rubber grip and its pass-thru design makes it easy for you to fasten deep.

In this review, you will witness how helpful and satisfy it would be to buy BOSTITCH Pass-thru Socket Set having 65 pieces in one go. Learn more about it and see how it will be of help to you.

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The Socket Set

This Bostitch socket set features 72-tooth gear which is designed for high-torque ratcheting, low arc swing, and improved accessibility. Each piece is made with chrome-vanadium steel that is proven to give durability and strength. The sockets have durable stamped size markings that will give each socket easy identification.

Ratchet Works Fine

Ratchet which is known as a mechanical device is one of the features to expect in this product set. This ratchet, which is included in the case set, has handles, featuring a pass-thru design, making it easy to fasten thick and secure rubber grip for better handling and comfort.The good thing about the ratchet, or the whole set is that it comes with a

The good thing about the ratchet, or the whole set is that it comes with a lifetime warranty that will allow you to exhaust every tool on every job that needs to be done.

BOSTITCH BTMT72287 Features

BOSTITCH is a leading brand for providing mechanical tools for professional or even beginners. Buying this pays off the amount you paid and will give you the satisfaction you need.

  • Made with Chrome-vanadium Steel for long lasting durability
  • Heavy duty ratchets with 72-tooth gear that comes with lifetime warranty
  • It has easy to read stamped sized marking for identifications
  • Pass-thru design allows you to have access to fasteners that deep sockets cannot reach
  • It has a rubber grip handle to add comfort using the tool
  • Includes durable blow mold case for device protection and portability

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BOSTITCH BTMT72287 Reviews

Gaining 4.7 out of 5-star editor rating, it is proven that BOSTITCH product is not just for show but given satisfaction to its consumers. BOSTITCH is not new to the public and its product is worth paying. It is a great quality set.

Sockets on this set have superb quality with excellent finish and fit. The ratchets, which are the primary concern of some other users, hold onto the sockets tight and firm, and the action feels smooth and solid. The set is complete with no size missing.

As per the lifetime warranty, broken part of the set can be called to BOSTITCH warranty support and then a new piece will be shipped and usually arrives within five to seven business days. This did not give any hassle to consumers since they do not have to go out and spend more effort, money and time for a mere replacement.

Things to Improve

Though BOSTITCH product is known to serve their consumers well, there are still some glitches on the products they offer. As they said, nobody’s perfect, and some could have things that need to enhance further.

As one of the consumers stated, they had difficulty removing the socket from the extender. You need to have a screwdriver with you, so you can remove the socket by pushing outwards. Some commented that the ratchet handle should be longer and thinner. The extensions are not long enough. Also, the sockets do not lock into the ratchet very well.


Bostitch is one of the favorite brands for mechanical tools that is available on the market now. Founded in 1886 by Thomas Briggs, it is still living and having its operations up to present giving you the best quality of tools ever existed.

Overall, the BOSTITCH Pass-Thru Socket Set is a product you should not miss. Even if there are some cons consumers had stated, it pros could never be defeated by the same tool of other brands. It gives justice to the money you pay for the product. You can see that most consumers gave it a perfect rating since it suffices every customer needs when it comes to socket needs.

In the end, the decision is still up to you, but our recommendations go along with the product. Good luck! Don’t forget to check out other best socket reviews!

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