Bostitch BTST19802 Tool Chest Review

Nothing beats the flexibility of the BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box. This portable two-in-one workshop allows users to easily bring all their tools to the job. But when the situation calls for it, they can just take the essentials, thanks to the detachable tool box.

This flexibility is due to the two detachable boxes that comprise the BTST19802. Each compartment boasts of enough space to store bulky tools, like saws and drills, while several trays take care of the smaller items. Accessing these tools is made more convenient by the drawers’ ball bearing slides. Meanwhile, full rubber wheels ensure maneuverability in whatever terrain.

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Two for the Price of One

Consumers will definitely get more for their money with the BTST19802. No other rolling tool box has been designed to transform into two distinct storage units. The top part is a tool box with a drawer moving on ball bearing slides. The tool box can be detached easily using the latches at the side.

Meanwhile, the bottom half of the BTST19802 is ideal for storing larger tools or bulkier materials. It can be tipped-out for easy storage and access. The bin also comes with a drawer for storing small items. What’s more, it has its own separate handle, making it easier to carry if the tool box is detached.

Both compartments are roomy, with more than enough space for a number of standard size tools plus smaller hand equipment. One drawer has several dividers to store small items while the other is just flat. But both drawers have heavy-duty ball bearing slides.

Extra Touches That Make Life Easier

The BOSTITCH Rolling Tool Box has more to offer consumers. It comes with 7” full rubber wheels to ensure that rolling it will be a smooth endeavor, especially as it’s made to carry as much as 70-lbs of equipment. The strong ball bearing slides were also picked because of this.

The BTST19802 is also designed with two bungee areas for attaching levels or extension cords. Located at the back of the detachable tool box, it helps the user carry more equipment. Another great design feature is the tool box’s height. This Bostitch product is taller than other rolling tool chests, which makes it an ideal work surface for a lot of handymen.

BOSTITCH BTST19802 Features & Specifications

  • Item can be divided into two separate parts: a tool box and a storage bin
  • Drawers with heavy-duty ball bearing slides
  • 7” sturdy rubber wheels
  • 10-gallon volume
  • 70-lb load capacity
  • Dimensions: 13.6” x 30.6” x 19.2”wide orange

BOSTITCH BTST19802 Reviews

The BTST19802 is very popular among handymen and small business owners. Our analysis of this tool chest and the reviews of 233 customers earned it a rating of 9/10 stars. It comes as no surprise that users love the way it was designed. After all, the Bostitch company is renowned for its stellar design and high quality.

Several users pointed out how they liked being able to fit all their tools in the BTST. They also shared how the detachable tool box made it simpler to bring only the essentials. It also made loading the tool chest into their vehicles painless. One customer in particular talked about how the drawers made it easy for him to organize the numerous tools and accessories he needs as a dog groomer.

Another satisfied customer revealed how much he appreciated having the bungee at the back of the tool box as an extra storage for extension cords. He even shared a video of how he organized his tools in the BTST19802 and how effortless it was to detach the tool box from the lower bin.

Things to Improve

There’s no question that customers love the Bostitch Rolling Tool box. However, there were also those who said it would’ve been better if the company used a more durable material. Some users think the use of plastic made it feel flimsy and they were worried that it might not hold up well when heavier tools are stored.

There were also comments about the lower bin getting stuck when the drawer above it was full. However, these are minor concerns that are easily remedied. Plus, most users conceded that the BTST19802 was more suited for storing lighter tools.


The BTST19802 adheres to the same high-quality standards that Bostitch tools are known for. Its detachable top box and the separate lid for the lower bin transforms it into two separate tool chests. Meanwhile, the drawers make storing and organizing tools simple while the heavy-duty ball bearing slides offer easy and smooth access.

The design alone makes the BTST19802 a steal. Add the numerous drawers and storage options and you’ll understand why it’s one of the more popular tool chests around. You can also read other tool chest reviews for more information.wide orange