Brite Strike EPLI Executive Precision Lighting Instrument Review

The Brite Strike EPLI Lighting Instrument is a slim and sleek tool suitable for the outdoor enthusiasts.

No matter how dark the setting is and what the weather is, it can deliver the brightness that you need with a bonus of providing security with its Strobe setting. This lighting instrument is a versatile tool to have in your bag, car, toolkit, or in the shop.

The unit has a reliable design in a penlight form, which is constructed from aircraft-caliber aluminum along with a graphite anodized polish. Its bezel is made from stainless steel together with brass to make it appear as if it were a top of the line writing apparatus. Amidst its elegant appearance, it is one heavy-duty outdoor flashlight.

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31ZCvnTFn6LA Flashlight for Any Outdoor Activity

The Brite Strike EPLI is suitable for any adventure outdoors for its brightness and safety features. This flashlight employs the most recent CREE LED that has a digital power management enabling the tool to provide ultra-brightness and extended runtime with its batteries.

This flashlight also features a steel reflector that is unlike any other light because it is narrower and deeper. Through this, a color-tuned beam that is close to natural daylight is produced. If you need a low level of brightness only such as inside the tent, you can rely on the lowest setting of the flashlight.

For security purposes, you can use the Strobe mode, which delivers beam flashes that can disorient a potential attacker whether it is a person or an animal in the woods. In case you want to call for help, you can prompt the strobe mode for SOS signaling. Since this unit is run on AAA batteries, you can easily stock up on them so that you have spare power sources once the light shows signs of low energy.

High Output and Extended Runtime for Efficient Use

You can get so much output just from the AAA batteries of the Brite Strike EPLI flashlight. It is capable of delivering a maximum of 160 lumens on High and Strobe modes. For the Low mode, you get 80 lumens of output. For intermittent use, the flashlight can reach a runtime of up to 30 minutes on High, more than 6 hours on Low, and 0.75 hours on Strobe mode.

However, for continuous use of the tool, the runtime will be less. But since it only uses AAA batteries, you can easily stock up so that you can get continued runtimes.

Brite Strike EPLI Features & Specifications 

  • Maximum Output – 160 Lumens for High Mode and Strobe; 80 Lumens for Low Mode
  • Runtimes on Intermittent Use – High: up to 0.5 hours, Low: 6 hours or more, and Strobe: 0.75 hours
  • Build Quality – high-grade aerospace aluminum with a graphite anodized polish for the casing costruction
  • Light technology – Cree LED with digital power management
  • Compact and Lightweight – 6.4 x 2.7 x 1 inches dimensions at 2.4 ounces for easy carrying and concealing in pocket, purse, or backpack
  • Power Source – Two (2) AAA Alkaline batteries
  • Warranty Description – 1 year limited warranty

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Brite Strike EPLI Reviews and Ratings

The Brite Strike EPLI is reliable lighting instrument for outdoor use. With its 107+ reviews and our assessment of its quality, we give it a rating of 9/10 stars. A huge percentage of its buyers are satisfied with its quality and function.

One customer was happy with the value of this flashlight. He said that you get what you pay for with this lighting instrument. While this is more expensive than the average flashlight, its versatility, and different settings make it worth to buy, according to the customer.

Another customer noted some of the good things about this light such as its three light settings, ability to stay put and not roll down when put on a flat surface, and high quality feels. Many other customers are expressing how decent of a flashlight the Brite Strike EPLI.

Things to Improve

Even if the Brite Strike EPLI is loved by many customers, it has some flaws. One customer commented that this light conducts heat, and so when he accidentally flicks the switch on, he is able to notice it because his pocket gets warm. Other than this, he finds purchasing this flashlight to be a good deal.

Another customer said that he found some issues with the switch. Apart from these minor flaws, the Brite Strike EPLI is a powerful and reliable unit, especially if you consider its size.


The Brite Strike EPLI is a compact and powerful lighting instrument for any outdoor adventure. Its three light settings allow you to illuminate an area and protect yourself when faced with an attacker. With its tough build, elegant design, and functionality, this is a worthy addition to anyone’s toolkit or for bringing in bags or pockets.

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