Bucket Boss 85035 Camo Mullet Buster Suspension Rig Review

The Bucket Boss 85035 Camo Mullet Buster Suspension Rig is made of good-quality materials that will allow you to hold a lot of tools. Since it is made from good material, it would not easily wear out. For people who are into heavy-duty work such as in carpentry, construction, and other similar occupation, it is essential to have a sturdy bag that will be able to hold a variety of tools.

It surely is a dream to have something like this, especially if you’re on a tight schedule, and you don’t want to spend extra time trying to look for essential tools. It’s always best to have them at the ready, and this product can do just that. You surely won’t regret buying it.

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Made From 70% Elastic, 25% Ferric And 5% Leather

These components turn this product into a very sturdy material for keeping your essential tools while you’re working. The elastic provides a stretchy material to create more space.

This feature allows you keep a lot of tools in while still keeping them in place so that they won’t fall off. The Bucket Boss 85035 contains pockets where you can fit different kinds of materials.

Heavy Duty 1680d 2-Ply Poly Material

When it comes to heavy-duty work, you have to rely on Bucket Boss 85035’s 1680d 2-Ply Poly Material. What this means is that it is made from materials that won’t easily wear out.

The Bucket Boss 85035 can handle stress and various forms of work-related abuse so this certainly guarantees the longevity of the product.

Bucket Boss 85035 Features and Specifications

  • Load Bear Stretch Suspension – It requires a lot of time to do heavy-duty projects. That’s why you need a tool belt that makes sure that the wearer can feel comfortable using it. It adjusts easily to an individual’s body frame.
  • Large Pouches For Better Capacity – Allows for more space to keep tools in.
  • Steel Buckle Belt That Includes Monster Grommets – This can also fit waists up to 52”
  • Speed Square Pocket

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Bucket Boss 85035’s durability has impressed a lot of reviewers that it has earned a 9/10 rating. One reviewer even said that he was initially hesitant to buy this product because he has never heard of it before. But after using it, he was definitely impressed.

He also likes the fact that the belt and suspension are quite adjustable. It also has a lot of pockets, and they don’t fold flat like the other ones. The quality and durability have really made this product a favorite among handymen. These are awesome products that are worth the money!

Another reviewer said that the pockets are so big that it can hold large tools. It’s not even surprising that the product has the capacity to withstand all sorts of abuses because it is made of high-quality material. Overall, the Bucket Boss 85035 has really left a lot of customers happy and satisfied.

Things To Improve

The Bucket Boss 85035 has left a lot of people happy, but there are a few who felt quite disappointed. One user found that the pockets are so significantly large that it didn’t leave up to expectations. Another user commented that the product wore out after six months of daily construction use.

These setbacks are relatively minor, though, because it still boils down to personal preference as well as how well you take good care of it. Many people are still impressed by it because of the fact that it has larger pockets that it allows them to bring essential tools. Also, even if the product is made of durable material, you have to make sure that you take good care of it so that it lasts longer.


The Bucket Boss 85035 is a very reliable bag that an individual can use for heavy-duty work. Its heavy duty elastic 2-Ply Poly material makes sure that the product lasts longer even with frequent use. Its multiple pockets can help you hold so many tools. It makes everything convenient, and it also saves time. Y

ou don’t have to spend extra time going back and forth to take the tools that you need for your work. All you really needed to do is to just put everything in one bag, and you’re good to go. The belt and suspension are also brilliantly adjustable that it can practically fit any person of any size. Bucket Boss 85035 is a product that will give you the comfort as well as convenience.

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