Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Review

Chainsaws need to be sharpened from time to time in order to maintain their efficacy. Buffalo Tools ECSS is one of the chainsaw sharpeners that is very portable. You can bring it almost everywhere. You will have the benefit of finishing your task without leaving the comfort of your home.

This is an electric chainsaw sharpener. It has a very easy mounting procedure. You will definitely love how efficient this sharpener is in restoring the sharpness of the blade and teeth of the chainsaw. All you need to have is an outlet in order to make use of this powerful sharpener.

If you want to experience the most practical way of sharpening your chainsaw without spending much, then this is the one you should be looking for. It is convenient, portable, and cost-effective.

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Versatile to Most Chain Designs

The Buffalo Tools ECSS is versatile enough to work on different chainsaw designs. Imagine, if you have several chainsaws with different designs, it would be extravagant to buy each of their own chainsaw sharpener. This is the main edge of Buffalo ECSS. It could be used in a variety of chain designs.

The chainsaw operates mainly because of the propelling chain. It is attached to the metal guide bar. As it propels around, it is able to cut through the branches and lumber of trees. There are different builts of chain teeth that are used for certain purposes. Of course, you need to distinguish first the woodworking task before you decide what kind of chain design to be used.

Bufallo Tools ECSS could be adjusted depending on the chain design. It could also spin in extreme power, providing effective sharpening mechanism. You would surely have a highly effective chainsaw without lagging while you cut.

You should remember that the grinding wheel has a certain measure that would work best at a certain measure, specifically 4 x 1/8 inches with a spinning power of 4200 RPM. Your chainsaw would have sharp teeth that would give you extraordinary performance.

Easy Mounting on Different Platforms

Another feature that makes this popular among chainsaw owners is the capability to be mounted on walls, desks, and benches. This feature makes the sharpener very stable. You would be able to work with precision and accuracy. It is easier to proceed with the sharpening of the equipment if the platform is stable and stationary in one place. It would also lessen the risk of accidents.

You have an option to mount it on walls, so you just need to carry your chainsaw while it is being sharpened. It is very accessible, especially when you need to regularly sharpen your saw.  If you are going to mount it on benches, it would be easier for you since you can just place it on top while guiding it through the machine.

Not all chainsaw sharpeners can be mounted. If you are aiming for a home-use sharpener, then Buffalo Tools ECSS is the right fit for your need. It comes with an affordable price that is way cheaper than the other leading brands.

Buffalo ECSS Features

  • Versatile for variety of chain designs – you can use this for different chain designs. It will save you a lot of money since you don’t need to buy several sharpeners for different designs.
  • Electric-powered sharpener – since it is powered by electricity, this sharpener is powerful when it comes to sharpening the teeth of chains. It could spin up to 4200 RPM.
  • Can be mounted on different platforms – the Buffalo Tools ECSS could be mounted on walls and benches for greater stability.
  • Powerful 4 x 1/8 inch grinding wheel – this is very powerful in making the teeth of the chainsaw really sharp.
  • Very portable and cost-effective – instead of having a chainsaw sharpening system, this is preferable for home use.

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Buffalo ECSS Reviews

Bufallo Tools ECSS received a rating of 7 out of 10. Most of the consumers love its versatility. They were able to maximize the use of this sharpener regardless of the chain design. For some, it is a revolutionary saw sharpener that is meant for home and industrial use.

One user praised it for its multifunction use. He was able to sharpen his chainsaw in different angles because of the dials provided for setting the angle. He also noted that it was able to finish the task in just a short period of time.

Another buyer commended its power and efficacy. He was able to use it for his woodworking business. According to him, it is his companion since before in his business, and it never failed him.

Things to Improve

Few of the users commented about the sharpening of the teeth. It doesn’t automatically pull the chain, so they need to do it. It would be better if they would make it automatic so that the user doesn’t need to do it. This concern doesn’t have an effect on its power though.


If you are looking for a powerful home use chainsaw sharpener, then the Buffalo Tools ECSS should be considered in your choices. It is versatile enough to work on different chain designs. You would definitely love its efficacy and stability. If you want to check other best chainsaw sharpeners in the market, you can find it here. They also have the best chainsaw sharpener reviews that might be helpful.

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