California Air Tools CAT-10020 Air Compressor Review

The California Air CAT-10020 is another garage air compressor that has already made its name in the market because of its remarkable features. It is most notable of its quiet-running mechanism. This makes this pump as one of the most noiseless models of air compressors. Wouldn’t it be great if you are able to work quietly, without bothering anyone?

This will surely get you going to most of your inflating tasks. You will benefit from its versatility as well because this is one if the machines with low ampere usage. This makes it suitable for a 15 amp outlet. Aside from this, the California Air CAT-100200 will ensure durability and resilience for longer use. If you are looking for a pump that will get you going even in varying weather conditions, then this air compressor will surely meet your requirements.

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Steel Air Tank with Wheels

You’ll definitely be glad to see that this pump is built with wheels. You don’t need to put much effort in transporting it to different places since you just need to pull it. This is applicable because the tank is made from pure steel, which is very heavy. The steel tank can hold up to 10 gallons. It can fill up within 100-130 seconds only. This is indeed faster compared to other leading brands in the market.

The tank is very durable since it is made from pure steel. This is to ensure that there will be no leaks. You can use this for variety of applications as long as you have enough air in the tank. The good thing about it is that it is quick to fill up, making it really convenient for urgent and emergency situations. Indeed, this is a very portable air compressor which brings with it a lot of benefits.

Noiseless Air Compressor

One factor why people buy a compressor is its physical features and attributes. Machines usually run with much noise. This is makes it very comfortable to operate because you surely won’t be disturbed by the noise. If you are living in a neighborhood, then you cannot make nuisance that can distract the peaceful surrounding.

The best way to avoid this disturbance is by shifting to California Air CAT-10020. This model will surely keep your task as quiet as possible, with just 70 decibels. You can carry out your job without creating too much noise. This feature of the air compressor makes it possible to be purchased in most closed spaces, to avoid the prevalence of noise. California Air is renowned company when it comes to manufacturing quality and user-friendly machines and equipment. You will definitely appreciate this feature especially when you are most comfortable working in a noise-free environment.

California Air CAT-10020 Features and Specifications

  • Noiseless working mechanism – this operates with only 70 decibels, making it as one of the noiseless compressor in the market.
  • Oil-Free Pump – this makes it very cost-effective because it doesn’t need frequent maintenance and oil change.
  • Low Amp Draw
  • 0 HP – this presents tremendous power in varying tasks.
  • 10 Gallon Air Tank – the tank can carry up to gallons
  • Wheels – the steel air tank has wheels for easy transport and convenience

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California Air CAT-100200 Reviews

Due to its unique noiseless feature, we will give the California Air CAT-100200 a rating of 8 out of 10. This is surely what you need if you hate working in a noisy environment. Many of the buyers praised it for being absolutely quiet when it is in use. They noted that in terms of this feature, other models are no match to this pump.

Another feature that they like is how fast it can fill up. Compared to other brands in the market, this pump can fill faster, making it convenient for urgent purposes. The users are able to use it for their large vehicles and businesses as well. Over all, the reviews are very positive when it comes to this item.

Things to Improve

One of few issues that the users found is that it is made from China. They also noted that the design of the tank is very simple compared to other professional-looking air compressors in the market. They even noted that some imperfections are obvious with the design of the still.

Although there are some minor feedbacks regarding the design, it will not make any impact with the great performance of the California Air Cat-100200. It is still considered as a very reliable pump in the market.


In terms of noiseless operation, the California Air CAT-100200 is the leader in its league. This pump can operate as quiet as possible, for only 70 decibels. It is recommended to be used in residential areas and closed spaces. If you want to avail this best noiseless garage air compressor, then you should definitely check out this site for more insights and feedbacks.

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