Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV Review

Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV is designed to get rid of paint, scale, and rust from small equipment and other possible pieces easily. It even assures a satin finish after its blasting task for further enhancement. You could etch weather wood and glass using the equipment.

The sandblasting product is designed with siphon system, which could work on silicon carbide, glass beads, aluminum oxide, steel grit, and other abrasives. It uses a bag or bucket to draw the blasted compounds. It requires nine cubic feet per minute (CFM). To complete the tool, it has a 10-foot material hopper and hose.

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Siphon Feed Sandblasting

Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV is one of the top choices if you prefer a traditional sandblasting design. It could provide a lot of advantages since it uses the siphon feed system. It could work well with thinner materials and metallic paints.  The siphon-fed sandblasting unit works on high air pressure and volume. If any of the air’s measures is reduced, the effectiveness of the sandblasting activity will be affected.

It does not require refill unlike gravity-fed sandblasters, which is why it is often recommended for low budget requirement. It recycles the blasting media used until your work is done.

Cleaning and Finishing Action

You would find Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV highly recommendable if you want a combination outcome of cleaning and finishing. Usually, sandblasters simply remove the rust, particles, dirt, and paint from a piece. With the Campbell Hausfeld model, you could have the finishing advantage. The polishing-like effect depends on various factors such as abrasive stream velocity, abrasive particle size, angle of the gun, distance from the work, or the system of the unit itself.

Instead of cleaning the piece after sandblasting, the unit will take care of it. This is why Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV could also be considered economical. You can achieve a higher productivity rate, especially if you have a high stack of blasting projects.

Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV Features & Specifications

  • Traditional sandblasting supported by siphon system
  • Delivers most abrasives, such as aluminum oxide, glass beads, silicon carbide, and steel grit
  • Faster and easier sandblasting with better air power
  • Leaves satin finish for further treatment
  • Features ceramic nozzle
  • Applicable for craft work

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Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV Reviews

The sandblaster received an editor’s rating of 8.2 out of 10.

Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV has considerable positive reviews from its previous buyers. It is known for being a replacement for easily clogged sandblasters despite using siphon system. It does not leak and the nozzle does not get eaten up quickly. According to its users, the sandblaster does not clog and could remove almost 100 percent of abrasives from your piece.

You no longer need to worry about reloading the Campbell Hausfeld model since it could be prepared in a breeze. Even if it claims to work with nine CFM, it seems to operate no matter how much air pressure you put in it.

The unit is described as versatile for it could work on any project, even on screened materials. As long as you have a powerful air compressor, you do not have to worry about the unit’s power. It will retain a smooth operation and quality output. Whatever you need to clean, the product will get it done. Some even used it on coolant necks, valve covers, and floor registers, among others.

Campbell Hausfeld offers a new kit for the unit, whichaccording to the users, is more effective than the previous one. The set is intended to bear on a more effective sandblasting effect.

Things to Improve

Though Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV is known for its impressive work as a sandblasting tool, customers still relayed their suggestions for improvement. One of the clients’ pieces of advice is the enhancement of the unit in terms of requiring an air dryer. It must at least have a high humidity resistance so it will not clog easily.

The reviews also revealed that Campbell Hausfeld should at least design the unit with a bigger blasting media container. At present, too much of the material could interrupt the progress of the tool.

Nonetheless, the product is a must-try. It completes small jobs as claimed. In addition, it simply requires tweaks to work better. As claimed by other clients, if you use it incorrectly, everything will be a mess. Conclusively, set the right air pressure and use recommended blasting media level for great results.


Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV is one of the best sandblasters as proven by its exceptional features even though it is categorized as a traditional gun. With assurance that it does not clog easily and provides a great finish, it is perfect if you are a hobbyist and has lot of house work to finish.

You may find it helpful to check out other products to compare with Campbell Hausfeld. To do so, you may read more best sandblaster reviews.

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