Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 Review

Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 is a good option if you would like to blast as much as 30 pounds of abrasives in just around 50 minutes. It works with improved mobility since it features a shoulder strap. You could use it for removing paint, rust, and scale. The minimum requirements of the sandblaster are 90 pounds per square inch (PSI) and 9 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

The sandblaster is complete with hose, ceramic nozzle, and shoulder strap for a more convenient operation. It is best for home improvement projects since it is lightweight and portable. You could utilize it for rust elimination from metal, furniture paint removal, and etching on wood and glass.

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Strong Sandblasting Capacity

Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 is one of the sandblasters that could accommodate removal of abrasives at a higher scale. It could remove as much as 30 pounds of coarse substances. It does this by finely grounding silica sand, which would then clean and abrade the surface of the material being treated. The pressure exerted by the tool has a high velocity, enough to impact unwanted surface materials.

The powerful sandblasting effect of the unit should smooth a surface of any material in your home. Possibly, your material may rejuvenate and look new once again.

Etching Extra Advantage

There are sandblasters not suitable for etching glass or even wood. Nonetheless, with Campbell Hausfeld AT1251, you could get the extra work done effortlessly. If you are a creative person who usually makes crafts, the sandblaster is an etching alternative.

You could use the unit to etching since it could be mild enough to design fragile materials. Alternatively, you may also utilize this Campbell Hausfeld model for more deep and larger designs. For instance, you can use this when you need to create artwork on glass.

The sandblasting unit has a system that puts air pressure under control, leading to appropriate speed generation at which the blasting media is enforced from the nozzle. You will not just facilitate etching, but make the activity faster with fewer pounds per square inch (PSI) required.

Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 Features & Specifications

  • Suitable for home-related blasting projects
  • Useful for etching wood and glass
  • Available with shoulder strap for better control
  • Requires less air pressure
  • Highly portable
  • Complete kit with hose and ceramic nozzle

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Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 Reviews

The sandblaster received an editor’s rating of 7.2 out of 10.

Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 is praised by many clients due to its versatility. There are users who have employed it for gunsmith purposes, refinishing firearms, restoring a fire hydrant, and removing grit irrespective of the material. According to its reviews, you will get what you pay for with this product. Even if you are not a professional sandblaster, this could work for your needs easily and conveniently.

You could get the best results from the sandblaster by utilizing dry media. You will be able to get rid of clogs and not worry about feeding the tube or nozzle. Even if you have to finish a long-time sandblasting, the media could be recycled. Sand is often suggested for it prevents moisture that keeps a unit less effective operationally.

If you would like to finish small jobs, Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 is a great option. Its assembly and operation are both straightforward. Simply pour the blasting media and you are ready for blasting. Although it is best to wear goggles while using the unit, it is not as strong as other units that may cause debris to splatter all around.

The price of the product is also reasonable enough as claimed by its positive reviews. Basically, you get what you pay for.

Things to Improve

There are a few suggestions from the customers with regards to Campbell Hausfeld AT1251’s improvement. Primarily, they hinted at making the container and connections’ material less fragile. Moreover, if possible, the unit should have been upgraded to finish jobs quicker than intended.

The product’s kit does not include various sizes for the tips.  Lastly, it must at least have a funnel to fill the unit more effectively.

Regardless of the improvement hints, Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 is a generally recommended product. It works as it should. If the advised changes will be enforced, the sandblaster could beat any unit available today.


Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 is a good buy if you want to get small jobs done. At its reasonable price, you could already get a decent set of features not all sandblasters give. You simply have to set its air pressure and use a suitable blasting media for best results. If you have patience in taking breaks and consuming more time in sandblasting, you could use this unit.

You could compare the sandblaster with other top units today. Read more of the best sandblaster reviews and determine which one complies with your standards and budget.

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