Campbell Hausfeld DH650001AV Furniture Paint Sprayer Review

The Campbell DH650001AV is a spray gun best used for customizing cars, trucks, and other vehicles. If you are looking for a spray painter to customize your wheels, then this is the product you should be looking for. You can make varieties of designs with this. It also features a siphon-feed for adjusting the controls for the designs. You also don’t need to worry about excess paint because it has an ability to control the flow of the fluid to avoid the mess. The great thing about it is that it so versatile enough to be used on urethane as well.

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Siphon Feed Gun

When you want to avail your own spray painter, you will either purchase gravity feed gun or a siphon feed gun. Campbell DH650001AV features a siphon feed in this sense. This feature allows this spray painter to work on thin materials and surfaces. The reason why it is best for vehicles is that it can work very well for metallic paints.

The pigments and metallic paints are evenly distributed with a smooth finish. This is the reason why it is advantageous for customizing vehicles. It can create a clatter effect that is best for designing the vehicles. In fact, it can work great on adhesives and coatings. This has been considered as a classic spray gun because it has been used even before.

You must note that siphon feed guns feature a very long straw like a tube for picking up the paint. You should distinguish first your need before deciding to buy a siphon-feed gun. You would reap its full benefits if you will use it for customizing vehicles.

Adjustable Fan Pattern

You might be wondering about this feature. This is primarily used for the design part of the spray painter. The pattern could be set according to your preference. The key in getting perfect with this part is practice. You have to know the techniques in using this feature in customizing your vehicle. You know that the end result would depend on the spray gun; however, it also depends on in how you will maximize the siphon-feed.

The coating would be transferred to the paint cup for the execution part. All you need to do is to close the fan and be sure to close the fluid controls before you use it. You wouldn’t like to mess up with your task so be sure to do this correctly. The width and size of the fan are adjustableCampbell DH650001AV is capable of producing wider patterns through the fan control.

You can come up with elliptical and round patterns through the manipulation of the fan. It is recommended to use larger coverage of paint for wider surfaces for a smooth finish. The air cap of this spray gun could even be adjusted for a vertical or horizontal pattern. Isn’t it really amazing? You would surely love customizing your vehicle with this spray painter.

Campbell DH650001AV Features

  • Capable of spraying lacquer, enamel, and other materials.
  • Siphon-feed gun for a variety of designs and patterns.
  • Adjustable fan pattern – this allows the spray painter to make different designs with varying sizes based on the fan control.
  • Fluid control – this controls the amount of fluid to be controlled when using.
  • REV canister – for the storage of metallic paint for vehicles.

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Campbell DH650001AV Reviews

Campbell DH650001AV received a rating of 7 out of 10 from the customer reviews. Most of the consumers praised it for its affordable price. It is considered as one of the cheapest spray painter in the market with a siphon-feed. Users complemented its versatility because they could use if for different materials and surfaces.

One of the users really loves the quick release cam lock that serves as the connection to the gun. This makes it possible for them to create extraordinary patterns for their automobiles. He noted that he could adjust the fan with much ease. Another thing that he praised for this spray painter is its capability to work efficiently in different spraying positions.

Another customer also supported this claim. He was able to use circular and elliptical patterns through the adjustable patterns. Most of the other feedbacks highlighted the pattern adjustment pattern of this device. All in all, the reviews are generally positive, and that is enough reason to get your own Campbell DH650001AV spray painter.

Things to Improve

If there is a thing that should be enhanced with this product, it would be the overly sensitive trigger. However, it’s just really a minor issue, but it would be good if it will be less sensitive. It is suggested to use the trigger carefully, so you would not easily break it. Actually, this is a given tip on using spray painters. It should be handled with care. Nevertheless, Campbell DH65000I1AV would be even better if it will have a more durable trigger.


Campbell DH650001AV is definitely a good find if you are searching for a spray painter for your car. You would surely love the different patterns that you could make out of it. For more information, check out other best siphon-feed spray painters here. You would be able to get insightful feedbacks from the best spray painters reviews as well.

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