Canary Products HZ120 Travel Humidifier Review

The Canary HZ120 is a mini car humidifier that is perfect for your road trips and travel. Staying inside your car for a longer period of time can rather be fizzy and uncomfortable. This is a common scenario for most of regular car users. The air inside the car is definitely not fresh so you will need this car humidifier to freshen up the air you breathe.

This device has plug-in adapter that allows you to use it at home and away from home. This is very convenient for trips because you will be able to use your air conditioning unit without dying up the atmosphere inside the car. This portable humidifier can transform the air inside the car to fresher and purer one.

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Automatic Shut Off

One of the best features of this item is the automatic shut off feature. Usually, you won’t be able to shut it off when you are hurrying to get off the car. The good thing about Canary HZ120 is that it automatically shuts off when it senses that the water bottle is already empty. This feature is very convenient when you want to conserve energy.

Aside from this, it is easy to use and place because you just need to clip it to the air vent of your air condition. It is space savvy and very convenient for areas with smaller space. As the air condition blows, this humidifier also released the cool mist that gives off moisture to the air.

If you are a very busy person, and you always use your car, then having this in your auto will surely change the air quality inside your car. You don’t need to worry in leaving it switched on because it will automatically shuts off by itself.

Adjustable Mist Intensity

Another great feature of Canary HZ120 that is notable is its adjustable mist intensity that ranges from low, medium, and high. This allows you to get better control of your travel humidifier according to your level of comfort. You can set it to high mist intensity if the weather is freezing cold. It will surely supply enough moisture in the air that will prevent your nasal passages to dry up.

If you are travelling somewhere that has a bit low of moisture in the air, then you can definitely use this to improve the air quality. It can even diminish foul odor in the air. If you want to maintain your surrounding air as clean and fresh as possible, then you should definitely avail this dual purpose travel humidifier.

Not all humidifiers in the market have this adjustable mist intensity control, and that is one reason why you should avail this travel car humidifier. It is very convenient to be able to control the mist intensity because different people have different preferences. If you would like to make your trip a wonderful and comfortable experience, then it is recommended to attach this in your car’s air vent. You will surely experience the difference.

Canary Product HZ120 Features and Specifications

  • Small size and very portable – this travel humidifier can be brought anywhere because of its small size. It can fit inside your luggage no matter how small it is.
  • Automatic Shut Off Feature – this travel humidifier has an automatic shut off mechanism that helps in saving energy.
  • Adjustable mist intensity setting – you can control the intensity level with this setting according to your preference and need. It has low, medium, and high modes.
  • Refill indicator – the refill indicator is used to notify you when you already need to refill your PET bottle.
  • Power indicator – this lets you know if the device is switched on or not.

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Canary Product HZ120 Reviews

We give a rating of 7.5 out 10 for this multi-functional humidifier. This is indeed a must-have for car owners. It can definitely improve the air quality in your car, and many users have already testified to its efficacy. Most of the buyers use it for the winter and summer season. They are able to benefit from the increase in moisture in the surrounding especially in weather conditions like that.

Some users even noted that they are able to benefit from this humidifier especially in their long drive. It keeps them awake and has a lighter feeling while driving. Moreover, they are satisfied with the adjustable mist intensity control. Over all the Canary HZ120 is a must-have car air humidifier for you and the family.

Things to Improve

Few of the users suggested that the humidity output should be increased in each mode of mist intensity setting. They are hoping that it will give off increased level of humidity. Since it is a smaller device, it is preferable to use it in a smaller space to achieve the best level of humidity and moisture.


One of the most sought-after car humidifier is the Canary HZ120. It has the ability to increase the humidity in the car. Aside from this, it is so easy to position because you just need to clip it to the air vent of the air condition.

If you thing you need one of this best car air humidifier, then you should know more about its features as well as its strengths and edge among other humidifiers in the market.

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