Cartman Booster Cables Review

In any case that you need a boost for your vehicle, there are many choices that you can pick out when it comes to booster cables. The Cartman Booster Cables is one that you should definitely try out for yourself. An important factor that you should consider when buying booster cables is that they need to be safe.

Cartman Booster has this feature and is able to transfer power coming from a 12/24 volt automobile battery. You will also be glad to know that these offer an easy to use and tangle free cables. When you have a long cable it can be very frustrating to untangle the cables, again and again, to make it work. Not only that but tangle free cables also make the storage of the cable neater and easier.

Cartman Booster also has a T-Prene coating which is great for the cables flexibility. The cables also have special clamps that have triple-polarity identification which is also color-coded.

You can also find that the UL indent has been stamped. You can also find the ergonomic design of the clamps as easy to use with the side-terminal batteries and top-post. It’s a great cable booster when you want something that is strong, safe to use and very easy to store.

This is perfect for busy people who need something that easy to pack up and that they won’t have trouble in taking it out of the bag or chest.

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The Heavy Duty Cartman Booster

When it comes to cables you should make sure that they are heavy duty and can perform the tasks needed. Cartman Booster is proud to have this and they have been in the business long enough to prove themselves as a good source for booster cables for vehicles.

Not only do the cables look tough but they are also strong enough to handle the power that comes through them. The T-Prene coating is what keeps the cables easy to flex and bendable up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The side terminal of 12/24-volt batteries and top-post also help in making the cables more flexible to use. There is also a 4-gauge construction on the cable  which is consumer grade available and is very strong.

In performance, you can be sure that the Cartman Booster will deliver what it has promised. The construction of the cables has been made sure that they will not break immediately and that it can supply the needed boost into your vehicle.

You don’t need to worry about the cables being broken since they are heavy duty and can last long even with the pressure that they are out into. When you have a good quality product then you can be sure that it will work well even in the long run.

Element Resistant Cartman Booster

One important factor that the Cartman Booster has is that the cables are element resistant. This means that the cable is able to repel the forces of outside elements that can affect the degrading of other cables. The cables have added protection placed onto them which helps them retain their thickness and their durability for a long period of time.

You will find that this feature is very useful when you will exposing the cable to various temperatures that change within seasons or within the area. You can then be able to bring the cables in anyplace you need them to be without having to worry about the effects it would have in the long run.

Since Cartman Booster is resistant, it is able to repel rain, motor oil as well chemicals. This is very important since any of these factors may be present in the workplace or wherever you may be using the cables in. It makes your work even easier because you don’t have to put off using the cable when there is nearby water for example.

Cartman Booster is available in 20 feet and you can find it easy to connect one battery to another battery when needed. You can choose to use it on your car, SUV or truck.

Cartman Booster Cables Features

  • Uses TPR for the cable
  • Is able to withstand low temperature (-40F/ -40C)
  • Is able to fit side and top post batteries
  • Has a carry bag within the purchase for free
  • Has sufficient CCA or Copper coated Aluminum
  • Is UL listed and stamped
  • Can be used for 400Amp
  • Is a 4-gauge booster cable
  • Also includes working gloves

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Cartman Booster Cables Reviews

The Cartman Booster has gained 9 out of 10 stars in reviews. Overall, the customers were happy with the performance that the cables give and that they also appreciate the heavy duty feature of the product.

The resistance of the cables from the outside elements helped the customers a lot since taking care of equipment out in the open and be very tedious but Cartman Booster makes it a whole lot easier to do so. There are some minor concerns about some parts of the cables, but it’s nothing that would make using the cables harder. The cables are still one of the best that is in the market.

Things to Improve

Some customers feel like the Cartman Booster should have some minor improvements on the product which can make working with it better. Some say that the clamps and the strings can be very weak and that they aren’t camping on the batteries as tight as they should be.

This is why there are some people who are having trouble establishing a connection between the batteries. Some have trouble in starting up their cars because of the slowness in the cables. These things, however, can be fixed quickly with the help of replacements of units.


The Cartman Booster is definitely a good buy. When you are looking for something that is worth your money and is able to perform the tasks that you need it to do then this is what you need. You will have fewer problems in transferring power through the cables since you can be sure that they are heavy duty. It’s worth a try and you will also benefit a lot from the resistance of the cables towards external factors.

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