Castrol 03087 Edge Synthetic Oil Review

The Castrol 03087 Edge Extended Performance synthetic oil boasts its Titanium FST featuring the very latest of Castrol technology to respond to the constant change of environment in your engine.

Castrol 03087 Edge ensures optimal engine performance while providing an unmatched protection for the critical engine parts. The strength of this Castrol 03087 synthetic oil can extend your engine run for up to 15,000 miles maximum, thus extending your drain interval. This oil has become one of the best engine oils in the industry.

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Fluid Titanium Technology

The Fluid Titanium Technology of the Castrol 03087 Edge oil provides a huge benefit on your engine performance. It has a guaranteed strength to perform for a maximum of 15,000 miles in between oil changes. This same technology also gives engine oils the ability to respond to the ever-changing environment of the engine.

In finding the best engine oil that can help protect and preserve your engine, Castrol 03087 Edge can be your option. The proprietary titanium additive used in this fluid titanium technology provides the Castrol 03087 Edge an optimum wear resistance. It doesn’t compromise the oil’s quality, thus, ensuring the engine’s protection all the time.

This latest Castrol technology also ensures protection against reacting towards various metal contact points, varied temperatures, pressures and other factors in your engine.

Stronger Against Viscosity Breakdown

The Castrol 03087 Edge has been one of the best engine oils until now. One of the reasons this is a go-to brand for a synthetic oil is its power ability. Castrol 03087 Extended Performance has the power to maintain its viscosity stability even under the extreme force of your engine.

Based on ASTM 6278 and CEC-L-14 independent testing, the Castrol 03087 Edge has been proven stronger than other top synthetic oil brands available in the market against viscosity breakdown. As this is considered to be the ultimate test of strength on engine oils, Castrol 03087 is quite high on the rank.

Castrol 03087 Edge Features and Specifications

  • Performance – It gives your engine the strength to perform for up to 15,000 miles in between oil changes.
  • Power – It has the power to maintain stability in its viscosity even under the extreme force of your engine.
  • Titanium FST – It uses the latest Castrol technology to protect the engine from its changing environments.
  • Protection – Through its fluid titanium technology, it has proprietary titanium additives that provide your engine with unsurpassed wear protection.
  • Approved by GM dexos1 in performance requirements and meets the specifications by Chrysler MS 6395, Ford WSS M2C929-A, Ford WSS M2C946-A and Honda HTO-06
  • Exceeds the ILSAC GF-5, API SN, ACEA A1/A5, ACEA B1/B5 requirements

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Castrol 03087 Edge Reviews and Ratings

As one of the best choices for synthetic oil, it has gained a lot of positive feedbacks from customers and is highly rated at 9.8 out of 10 stars. Many of these users were and still are satisfied with the Castrol 03087 synthetic oil. Some even cited that this oil has exceeded different expectations.

Users regard the Castrol 03087 Edge Extended Performance to be the best synthetic motor oil to make an engine run smoother and quieter. They commend the product’s power, performance and fuel efficiency. For those who have been using Castrol 03087 Edge for their engine, they say that it makes the engine start quickly during the winter. One said that after switching to this synthetic engine oil, there is lesser burning of oil as indicated in both the level and color.

All in all, many users are impressed with the quality of the Castrol 03087 Edge. Aside from its fantastic price per its users, there are greater benefits in their engine performance.

Things to Improve

As the Castrol 03087 Edge Extended Performance is considered to be the best synthetic oil there is, there is practically no big flaw that could dent its score. Users are satisfied with its extended performance as an engine oil.

However, one customer mentioned that using the Castrol 03087 Edge on his 2001 Maxima has quieted down the noise in his timing chain after the 150,000-mile run after the first start-up, but not totally.


The Castrol 03087 Edge stays true to its name “extended performance.” It gives your engine the quality performance that other synthetic engine oils cannot give. Through its latest Castrol technology, the power ability and even the all-around protection capacity of this synthetic oil surpasses others.

Because it provides your engine a cleansing factor, it works nonstop in protecting your engine. Thus, it ensures a great performance as well as the safety of your engine.

Castrol 03087 Edge is a high quality synthetic engine oil and the best protection that your car could ever have.  For other engine oil options, read our best synthetic oil reviews for more information.

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