Best Dual Action Polisher 2017 – 2018

dual action polisher

Talking about the dual action polisher is certainly a broad topic, but this article will focus on the equipment that is widely used in the automotive industry. Dual action car polishers are designed in removing or masking sub-surface paint defects, enhancing the surface gloss, while preparing the surface for wax or sealant protection. The best … Read more

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OBD Scan Tool Manual

OBD2 Manual

We have compiled the OBD2 Scan Tool manuals for your easy reference. These manual contains important information on how your tool scanner works, what vehicles is compatible and how to best maintain the tool. Read through it carefully before using your newly bought scanner. Do take a look at my in-depth guide for the best … Read more

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Best Jump Starter Reviews 2020

A Jump Starter is not just an ordinary battery pack. At first, it is designed only for jump starting a vehicle when its battery is dead or discharged without getting the aid of the other vehicle. But because of the cascading technological advancement in order to adequately meet the needs of today’s world, engineers and … Read more

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OBDII Regulations

OBDII Regulation

Independent aftermarket associations have filed a citizens lawsuit in the District of Columbia after five years of negotiation for the EPA to uphold the mandates of the Clean Air Act. The suit aims to give the aftermarket some access to the on-board diagnostic systems. The suit also names the California Air Resources Board and the … Read more

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