Best Woodworking Book Reviews 2020

Best Woodworking Book Reviews 2016

Woodworking simply means a skill of making crafts out of woods.  It is a simple act of designing and applying techniques to come up with different wood products, including cabinets, furniture and more basic finish of this carpentry. This article will help you choose the best woodworking books that can help you in studying the … Read more

Best Workbench Reviews 2020

Hopkins 2x4 Basics Workbench and Shelving Storage System

A workbench is a surface where carpentry and other DIY projects are done. Generally used by woodworkers, it holds the wood piece as you work on it. It comes in different styles, which reflect the type of work you’re dealing with. There are many worktable manufacturers out there. They all claim that they’ve got the … Read more

Best Wood Glue Reviews 2020

Wood Glue

Wood glue is among the types of adhesives with a unique formulation of holding two pieces of wood together. This type of adhesive is very useful in many applications, ranging from household projects to do-it-yourself woodworking projects, and in huge industrial woodwork applications. Some of them come in white color, while others come in a … Read more

Best Log Splitter Reviews 2020

Best Log Splitter

There are few activities as time-consuming and laborious as traditional axe log splitting. If you can quicken the pace with splitting your logs, you would do so. Splitting a pile of wood can be done with a chainsaw, sure, but that’s a bit of overkill for a power tool mostly used for cutting down trees … Read more

Best Wood Router Reviews 2020

Best Wood Router

Woodworking is the act of constructing items and structure using wood. For some, it is more than an activity; they consider it a craft as an intricate work of hands is involved. Woodworking is a combination of different activities such as carpentry, wood carving, and joinery. Many types of furniture, pieces of art, and other … Read more

Best Wood Splitting Axe Reviews 2020

Best Axe Reviews

The best axe for splitting wood should always be sharp, because obviously, sharp things tend to cut better. In order for an axe to efficiently cut wood, the area to be cut should be selected at the very beginning. A wood splitting axe is very rampant in cutting tree trunks, which is geared towards many … Read more

Best Wood Lathe Reviews 2020

Wood Lathe

There are many considerations you should take before buying your wood lathe, which includes ease of use, build, speed, and power as well as the types of wood that are in need of shaping and reshaping altogether. With that said, what is a wood lathe? Simply put, a wood lathe is a wood-turning machine that … Read more

Best Wood Planer Reviews 2020

Best Planer Reviews

What are planers? If you wish to smoothen out a wooden surface’s rough spots by cutting off thin layers from it, such as leveling and resurfacing rough timber, then the woodworking tool you’re searching for is a planer, also called the moulder. Why Planers Should Matter to You? Woodworking is one of the most ancient … Read more

Best Epoxy Reviews 2020


It is very sensible to analyze the overall formulation of the compounds, while looking for the strongest epoxy. The constitution of epoxy is essentially created by polymerizing a combination of 2 starting compounds, the hardener, and the resin. Keep in mind that the perfect mixture of these substances usually dictates the strength and rigidity of … Read more

Best Jointer Reviews 2020


In some configurations, the jointer is very useful in woodworking activities, especially in Australia and United Kingdom. They sometimes call it as a buzzer, and this is primarily used to produce a flat board surface. In its operation, the actual work is done in a very narrow board. The best jointer could be purchased from … Read more

Best Router Table Reviews 2020

Best Router Table

The router table is one of the most versatile and useful things you can add to your workshop because it ensures maximum workpiece control when you mount the router securely on a table. More to the point, it allows for hands-free work during the cut, thus your safety is ensured when doing cuts and whatnot. … Read more