Best Stainable Wood Filler Reviews 2019

Best Stainable Wood Filler

Using the best stainable wood filler is the best way to cover all the chips and gaps that your wood furniture has accumulated through the years. However, wood is also the material most vulnerable to scratches and chips compared to plastic and ceramic. Thanks to technology and innovation, the best wood filler can now solve … Read more

Cost To Build A Floating Deck


What better way to enjoy summer than soaking up the sun, chilling in your own backyard while enjoying some barbecue? And having a traditional deck makes it perfect! Sadly, not everyone can build a traditional deck – either its not permitted by local authorities or not feasible. The best solution – build a floating deck. … Read more

How to Remove Silicon Residue

remove residue

When you are removing silicone residue, you may think the word is very simple but in actual sense, you will find that it is one of the most difficult assignment to accomplish. You may think you are only going to pull it very easily without you realizing that it bonds with a lot of strength … Read more

Wixey WR510 Wood Planer Review

Wixey WR510 Digital Planer

If you need a wood planer that can offer you an intelligent woodworking experience, then the Wixey WR510 is the one that you should be looking for. This has a good digital interface that is made according to the current trend in technology. Do you know the reason why it has gained a good reputation … Read more

WEN 6530 Wood Planer Review

WEN 6530 Electric Hand Planer

The WEN 6530 is the perfect choice if you want to avail your own wood planer for such a cheap price. This device is certainly one of the best in the market due to the many benefits that you could get from it. You will be amazed to know that it is capable of doing … Read more

Makita KP0800K Planer Kit Review

Makita KP0800K Planer Kit Review

The Makita KP0800K is another device which features heavy power with its 6.5-amp motor. The factor that makes it different from other models with the same amperage is that you can remove it faster without hassle. All the energy is maximized by this device when you’re working on your woodworking activities. You will be amazed … Read more

Makita 1806B Wood Planer Review

Makita 1806B Planer Review

One of the most highly-regarded wood planer in the market is the Makita 1806B. Although it costs more compared to the other planers in the market, you will be ensured that it’s worth every dime you’ll spend.  If you have your own workshop, then this is definitely a good planner for you. The features are … Read more

WEN 56206 Log Splitter Review

WEN 56206 Log Splitter Review

The WEN 56206 is an electronic log splitter that is a bit lighter compared with other log splitters in the market. Even though it is lighter in weight, it is still considered as durable like the others. You can really depend with this log splitter because the motor is also capable of performing really well. … Read more

Powerhouse XM-380 Log Splitter Review

Powerhouse XM-380 Log Splitter Review

The Powerhouse XM-380 is functioning like its name, powerhouse. This log splitter has the capacity to do heavy-duty wood-splitting tasks. You will be amazed to know that the motor of this log splitter run with 3 HP. This is really a type of motor that runs heavy-duty tasks. You will be able to handle tough woods … Read more

Pow ‘R’ Kraft 65575 Log Splitter Review

Pow ‘R’ Kraft 65575 Log Splitter Review

The Pow ‘R’ 65575 is another innovation from Pow, and it is a similar successful device just like its predecessors. This version can do and perform better than the earlier versions. You can also depend on this log splitter when it comes to handling hard wood-clearing tasks. The good thing about this is that it … Read more

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Log Splitter Review

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter Review

In terms of quality, the Boss EST7T20 will surely capture the whole market with its remarkable performance. This 2-horsepower device can effectively make the machines start just with a push of the button. This is very convenient for quick start-up situations. You can use this log splitter for most of your wood-clearing activities. You will … Read more

DEWALT DW680K Wood Planer Review

DEWALT DW680K Planer Review

The Dewalt DW680K is a perfect planer either for the professionals and home users. Its features will surely match the needs of those people who are looking for perfection when it comes to creating planes. You should also know that it is a heavy duty kind so expect great capabilities and power with it. It … Read more

Black & Decker 7698K Planer Review

Black & Decker 7698K Planer Review Black & Decker 7698K Planer Review

In terms of versatility and functionality, Black & Decker 7698K will always have its name on top of the list. This brand has been known in the industry to produce quality and high caliber equipment and machineries. This planer is considered as cost-effective because you get to have a really good unit for such an affordable price. So, … Read more