Champion Power Equipment 14562 Wireless Winch Kit Review

Champion power equipment and tools have been the trusted brand by people ever since. Their machines provide easier ways to get a job done especially in manual labor. On top of that, they also provide this equipment that can be used by people who love the outdoors making their way easier in solving difficult challenges in unfamiliar territory.

Champion Power Equipment 14562 Wireless Winch Kit is one of their products that have gained a lot of popularity from its users. For starters, a winch is a machine that allows you to pull objects which are not in any way light. Usually, these things need a lot of people to push or pull. But a winch can do the job on its own. This can be used to pull cars out of the mud in dirt tracks, and it can be used to pull stuff from under water.

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41t3gWdr9GL 24500 Pound Power Line Pull

A lot of people are a bit afraid of power tools because of the dangers that may come with it. The good news is that the Champion Power Equipment 14562 has a 4500 pound pulling capacity on its cord alone. This means that you can pull heavy objects including cars without the dangers of snapping the cord. This way, anyone will not have to be afraid of using it including those people who are not familiar with it. This is especially true for people who are always outdoors and will need tools to help them.

The power line is an aircraft cable which means that it is made of good quality material and is very durable.

1.6 Horsepower Motor

Having a 1.6 horsepower motor, the Champion Power Equipment 14562 Wireless Winch Kit packs a power that can pull really heavy objects including cars. You can install in in your SUV and use it for emergency purposes once you are on a rough road. You can tie the cord to a tree to help you free the car from mud traps and other things that will stop you from driving.


The power that the Champion Power Equipment 14562 Wireless Winch Kit carries cannot be seen with its size. As you can see, it has a dimension of 17 by 14.5 by 9.5 inches. This means that you can carry it along with you with less effort than larger winches. It also makes it easier to install in cars including sedans. Some winches can only be installed in SUV’s since they are larger.

Champion Power Equipment 14562 Features

– 4500 Pound Power Line Pull

– Accessories Included (attachment bars, nuts, and bolts, power line)

– 38 feet aircraft power line

– Planetary gears for control

– Dynamic breaking system

– 2 Year Warranty

– Lifetime Technical Support

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Champion Power Equipment 14562 Reviews

Eight out of ten points was given to Champion Power Equipment 14562 by all the people who rated the product. There are also a lot of reviews written by users to justify the quality of this machine. Most of them have tried pulling cars including trucks into trailers using this equipment, and they have found no problems whatsoever. They also like the power line which provides them with security. They do not have to worry about buying a third party secure line. On top of that, they get free lines and cables for their different needs.

Most people really like the wireless kit that comes with Champion Power Equipment 14562. For safety reasons, it allows them to step back when the motor is running. The wireless switch also lets them watch the progress and remotely shut down the motor if needed. This allows more flexibility in using the winch and can even be used inside the car to steer the wheels while the winch is working its way.

The attachment bars that come with the package are also a great help because it makes the machine easier to install. The users will not have to buy third party grills and bars to use the product.

Things to Improve

Some reviews took the grade 3 nuts as a downside. The truth is, these nuts are actually the right fit and are really compatibles with the machine. However, there is nothing wrong with buying a third party nut and bolt kit to make everything better. Most of the users bought grade 8 nuts and bolts to install the machine in their cars or their trucks. Aside from that, they appreciate everything about it totally especially the power and the strength that comes with every pull.


The Champion Power Equipment 14562 helps people pull heavy objects with its 1.6 horsepower engine and 4500-pound power line pull. It comes with a wireless control switch which can be used inside or outside the car at about 25 meters or more. This solves a lot of problems encountered by adventurers along hard tracks.

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