Chemical Guys TVD_201 Shine Dressing Review

When you’re in need of a shine dressing then you would want to go for the Chemical Guys TVD_201 Vintage Series Natural Shine Satin Shine Dressing. This gives you a good natural shine dressing to restore and protect vinyl, rubber, and plastic.

What you can expect from this shine dressing is that it contains a formula which can nourish and restore the surface that you need it to shine. It also helps makes the surfaces look like new and fresh. It is able to make a dry to the touch feel on the trim, dashboards, tires as well as door panels and some other things that you need the shine dressing for.

You can also be sure that the Chemical Guys TVD_201 does not only make surfaces shine, but it also protects them. It has UV protection that quickly bonds with the surface so that it will not fade quickly and that it will also avoid unnecessary cracking.

The formula is able to protect vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces; this means that external elements won’t be able to affect the surfaces as easily as they can affect the others without the protection. It’s worth to note that the natural shine formula that is present in Chemical Guys TVD_201 works perfectly with the interior and exterior surfaces that you need it on as well as on trim surfaces.

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41CRBDYfJL 2Effectiveness of the Chemical Guys TVD_201

If you want to make the surface of any rubber, vinyl and plastic look like new, you can never go wrong with trusting the Chemical Guys TVD_201. This uses only the most premium ingredients in order to produce the best quality shine on the surfaces.

You can immediately notice the difference on the way the surfaces look before and after using the shine dressing. All you need to do would be to apply the product and wait for the effects to show up. Just prepare an applicator pad to help you apply the coat evenly onto the surface. Chemical Guys TVD_201 uses the synthetic polymer coating technology in making the natural shine as it quickly bonds with the surface and creates an additional and durable layer that protects the surface from the environment.

In addition, there is also the UV protection that helps prevent the early cracking of the surfaces. When you’re protecting your vehicle’s tires, you can be sure that it would also not fade that easily. The Chemical Guys TVD_201 also repels moisture, dust, and dirt. You can also expect that the shine will last for a long period of time and you will be looking at the surface of how it was before.

Benefits you get from Chemical Guys TVD_201

The Chemical Guys TVD_201 is the perfect solution for preserving the look of your vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces. Not only does it make the surface shine, but it also makes it brighter and newer. When you want to make the surfaces look like brand new again because you may be taking out your car for a special ride or you want to make the exterior or interior of your home look new, this is the product to go for. The synthetic polymer coating used on the Chemical Guys TVD_201 is what helps preserves the shine of the surface and at the same time, it also contributes to the ling life that the coat has.

Probably one of the best parts is dry to touch features of the Chemical Guys TVD_201, since you would not want the coat to feel sticky when you touch the surface. The dry touch makes it possible that the surface is smooth and clean as before; it’s as if you didn’t put anything at all, but you can clearly see the difference. UV rays are one of the biggest factors that affect the look of the surfaces and Chemical Guys TVD_201 has succeeded in protecting the surface from its harmful and degrading effects.

Chemical Guys TVD_201 Features

  • A great product for rubber, plastic and vinyl trims
  • Has a dry to touch feature
  • Can restore the plastic, rubber and vinyl surface back to its original state
  • Is able to restore and nourish trim surfaces
  • Has a synthetic polymer coat

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Chemical Guys TVD_201Reviews

This product has gained 10 out of 10 in reviews. The customers are impressed with the quality of the surfaces that the Chemical Guys TVD_201 was able to create. The coating was great and it made the surfaces look even better than before. The lasting effect of the coat was also what impressed the customers and that they have been convinced about the capabilities of the Chemical Guys TVD_201. owing to the awesome performance of the product, customers are willing to buy it again in the future.

Things to Improve

On another note, the Chemical Guys TVD_201 can also improve in some areas according to customers. Sometimes they aren’t able to return the full color of the surface however, it is still acceptable. The spray is a bit thicker compared to the others but the coat is easy to wipe on. For some, the thick coat might not work well, but if you want a long lasting and durable coat, the Chemical Guys TVD_201 will be one of the best choices out there.


All in all, the Chemical Guys TVD_201 is definitely a good choice. It has all the right ingredients to make a good product for surfaces. It can work on more than one surface and it restores the fresh look of the surfaces that you coat it on. It is very easy to use and coat and it also doesn’t leave a sticky feeling after you use it. Definitely a good buy.

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