28 Strategies to Keep a Clutter-Free Kitchen

28 Strategies to Keep a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Do you often enter your kitchen, and then turn back because you saw all the clutter?

Are you trying to find some ways to keep a clutter-free kitchen?

I was on that same boat a few months ago. I felt helpless because the clutter just keeps on piling up every day.

So, I decided to search for ways to get rid of the clutter for good.

Check out my list! You may find some useful tips.

28 Strategies to Keep a Clutter-Free Kitchen

#1 Hide Your Coffee Maker and Small Appliances in an Appliance Garage

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Source: Woo Home

You must keep your kitchen appliances out of sight. The best way to do it is to include an appliance garage in the cabinet.

However, before you install a cabinet, you must ensure that there are electrical outlets within the garage.

If you want more kitchen garage ideas, you can head to Better Homes & Gardens.

For instructions on DIY appliance garages, click here.

#2 Keep Spice in a Magnetic Under-the-Cabinet Rack

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Source: Instructables

Instead of the common countertop spice rack, you can opt for a magnetic under-the-cabinet spice rack. It saves countertop space and minimizes clutter.

This DIY rack is easy to do. You can find the instructions here.

#3 Organize Spice in a Hidden Hinged Rack

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Source: Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement

This hinged rack will unclutter your storage area. Since it is a DIY project, you can customize it to fit under your kitchen cabinet.

For instructions, click this link.

#4 Build a Shelf Under the Cupboard for Your Spices

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Source: Better Homes & Gardens

To avoid clutter, keep your spices in the thinnest spaces available like under the cupboard. This way, you can line them up so that you can find your favorite spice easily.

#5 Organize Your Seasonings in Test Tubes

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Source: Bob Vila

Access your favorite seasonings easily with the help of test tubes. Get some test tubes and fill them with spices. Put them in a holder that’s stuck to the wall.

Find the tutorial for this rack here.

#6 Hang Your Seasonings in a Rack

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Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Keep your favorite spices at hand by hanging them at the end of the kitchen island. Put labels so you can identify them quickly.

A two-tier rack should do if you don’t have many spices to organize.

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Source: Family Handyman

You can also hang them under the kitchen cabinet or inside the pantry door.

#7 Use Old Silver Casserole as Spice Rack

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Source: Bob Vila

If you have vintage trays, you can mount them on the kitchen wall to serve as a spice rack. Put a wooden shelf in-between and paint it silver to match your silver casserole tray.

Find similar bottles and place your spices in them. Line them up in your new spice rack.

Learn how to repurpose old silver trays into a spice rack here.

#8 Make Floating Shelves on the Side of the Kitchen Cabinets

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Source: My Perfect Nest

Buy shelves on clearance and install them on the side of the cabinets. You may paint them in a color that will complement your kitchen.

Then, use shelf support to reinforce the shelves.

#9 Build a Cubby for the Microwave

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Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Instead of hiding your microwave inside an appliance garage, you may opt to have a cubby over or under the countertop.

However, if you have kids, you may prefer to keep the microwave out of their reach.

If you prefer to do the cubby yourself, check the instructions from Home Talk.

#10 Hang Your Kitchen Tools

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Source: Apartment Therapy

Hang your frequently used kitchen utensils at the side of the cabinet. It is a perfect spot if your kitchen lacks drawer space.

#11 Build a Utensil Bin Beside the Stove

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Source: This Old House

To de-clutter your countertop, install a pullout bin right next to the stove. It is more efficient than keeping them in drawers.

#12 Use a Round Serving Tray for Your Kitchen Gadgets

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Source: Inspiration for Moms

Keep your kitchen gadgets and tools accessible by placing them in a serving tray. Aside from a wood and iron tray, you can also use shallow baskets like the one below.

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Source: Hi Sugarplum!

#13 Store Dishcloths in a Small Basket

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Source: I Heart Organizing

Put your dishtowels inside a basket and place them near the sink where you can reach them easily.

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Source: Life in a Little Red Farmhouse

If you find an old bike basket, you can hang them near the kitchen sink. You now have a place for your hand towels.

#14 Hang Your Fruits in a Basket

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Source: Williams Sonoma

Instead of placing your fruits on the kitchen countertop, you can hang a copper basket from the ceiling. A wire basket will keep your fruits fresh longer because air can circulate freely.

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Source: Crate & Barrel

You can also put your fruits or vegetables in a modern wire basket.

#15 De-clutter Your Kitchen Sink

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Source: Home BNC

Install a dish sponge and brush cubby underneath the kitchen sink where you can reach it easily.

#16 Use a Cake Stand for Dish Soap

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Source: Stone Gable

Make a statement by placing the dish soap with bar towels on a cake stand and putting them right beside the sink.

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Source: Natalie Wright

You can also create your own stand for your dish soaps. Find an old candlestick holder then glue it together with a plate.

Voila! You now have your own dish soap stand.

#17 Hang a Wire Basket on the Side of Countertop or Island

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Source: Golden Boys & Me

Put things that you use every day in the basket so you can find them quickly.

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Source: All That Brings Joy

You can also mount the wire baskets on a chalkboard wall so that you can label them.

Want to do this project? Click here for the simple instructions.

#18 Organize Your Kitchen Items Using Hanging Containers Through a Rail

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Source: Homedit

Instead of baskets and hooks, you can use rails like the one in the picture. Hang different shapes and sizes of containers.

#19 Use Over-the-Counter Dish Rack

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Source: Amazon

If you lack space, you can place a drying rack over the kitchen sink. Also, you can move it somewhere else in the kitchen and make it storage for your utensils.

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Source: Instructables

You can also build your wooden dish rack.

Are you ready? Click here for the instructions.

#20 Store Your Paper Towel Inside the Lower Cabinet or Below the Upper Cabinet

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Source: Amazon

If you have a tiny kitchen, you can put a paper towel holder in inconspicuous areas like inside a lower cabinet. A great space saver!

#21 Put an expandable rack under the sink.

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Source: Amazon

You get more storage space under the sink for your kitchen supplies if you use a two-tier shelf organizer.

#22 Hang a Basket Inside the Sink Cabinet

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Source: Amazon

Maximize storage space by keeping your dishwashing tools in an under-the-sink cabinet.

#23 Organize Pantry Items in Shelves

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Source: Ella Claire

If you no longer have space in your cabinets, you can put your pantry items in their clear containers and put them on shelves.

Don’t forget to label them. Also, you may want to write the expiration date on it.

The shelves in the picture are a DIY project. Do you want to build them too?

Click here for the how-tos.

word image 172

Source: Christina’s Adventures

Do you like this open shelf for your dry goods? Click here for the guidelines on how to construct the shelf.

#24 Build a Cutting Board Holder on the Cabinet Door

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Source: Tikkido

Reduce clutter on the countertop by storing your chopping boards in a cabinet’s door.

If you like the idea, you can try doing it. Click this link for the simple how-to.

#25 Hide All Snacks and Cereals.

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Source: House Beautiful

Your countertop is full of open boxes of cereals and snacks. Reduce clutter by putting them in clear containers and stashing them in a pullout cabinet.

#26 Repurpose a Sideboard to a Kitchen Island

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Source: Mom 4 Real

Even if you have a small kitchen, you can still add a kitchen island. To maximize space, you can store cookbooks and other knick-knacks on the shelves. You can also place hooks on the sides for your hand towels.

#27 Nest Posts and Use Lid Organizer

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Source: New York Times

Store your pots and pans inside the cabinets. Nest them so that they occupy less space. For the lids, use a lid organizer or a dish organizer.

#28 Use a Junk Container

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Source: The Spruce

If your countertop becomes a repository of many things like paper bills, coins, and scraps of paper, you can put a bin or bowl to hold all the junk items.

Then, sort them weekly to put them in their proper place or throw them away. If you notice that the bin overflows quickly, you need to take note of items that have no proper place.


You may need to implement new organization techniques to keep the clutter away from the kitchen.

Did you enjoy my list? Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments section.

The list is important to me because I learned how to keep a clutter-free kitchen.

If you like my list, share it with your friends and loved ones so that they, too, can also enjoy a neat and tidy kitchen.

Thank you!

28 Strategies to Keep a Clutter-Free Kitchen

28 Strategies to Keep a Clutter-Free Kitchen

28 Strategies to Keep a Clutter-Free Kitchen