Coast 20382 Pocket Flashlight Review

The Coast HP1 LED Flashlight checks all of the criteria that you usually consider in purchasing a flashlight. It’s bright, lightweight, and durable. It’s a no-nonsense flashlight that will fit right in your pocket. It’s a great value for your money.

The high lumen LED light bulb gives a brilliant lighting. With its focusing light beam, you can zoom-in on specific spots that you want to see in the dark. The compact and ergonomic design makes it very handy. It is easy to carry with its metal pocket clip. It has an aluminum casing that makes it durable and resistant to impact and water. You can get all these features in a flashlight at a very affordable price. Let’s take a look at its key features.

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High Lumens LED Light

The most important feature of a flashlight is its brightness. In trying the LED light of the Coast HP1 LED Flashlight using an AA battery, it already emits a bright 68 lumen light. What is even more notable about the product is that the light becomes brighter using an alkaline battery at 92 lumens and up to 220 lumens using a Lithium-ion battery. With this, the brightness can be optimized by using a Lithium-ion battery. That’s a light emission of up to 170 meters.

Generally, the brightness is the basic purpose of the flashlight. With the high lumen range of the Coast HP1 LED Flashlight, it can be very useful in power outages and emergencies. It is also a crucial gadget for those who work at night. You can get to see far from where you are standing. The brightness is also consistent through the runtime of the flashlight.

Patented Focusing Light Beam

One other exceptional feature of the Coast HP1 LED Flashlight is its focusing capability. Some flashlights do give us a bright light but this feature is unique with the flashlight from Coast. From a large diameter of light, you can focus the light emitted from the flashlight to zoom-in to a certain spot. The flashlight has an easy-to-use sliding mechanism to focus the light beam.

With the slide focus, you can adjust the light from a wide to a narrow, more focused beam. This can be very useful as a general lighting device around in the dark. The narrow beam can be used for a farther distance and focused light. Since the light beam is adjusted with a sliding motion, you can focus the light beam with one hand.

Coast HP1 LED Flashlight Features and Specifications

  • LED Light Bulb – The flashlight emits 190-lumen light and reaches a distance of 171 meters with the use of a Lithium-ion battery (not included)
  • Reaches up to 1 hour 15 minute – with the use of Lithium-ion battery (not included)
  • Focusing System – with the easy to use slide focus, the flashlight emits quality beam
  • Acceptable batteries – The batteries that can be used for this flashlight are 1 AA battery, 1 alkaline battery, or 1 Lithium-ion battery.
  • Durable casing – The aluminum casing is lightweight and resistant from rust, corrosion, impact, and water.
  • Warranty – supported by Coast’s Lifetime Warranty

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Coast HP1 LED Flashlight Review and Ratings

Based on online customer reviews, the Coast HP1 LED Flashlight has a rating of 9/10 stars. With this, we can say that most people who have purchased and used the flashlight are satisfied with its features and specifications.

One customer pointed out the clean beam of light emitted by the LED light bulb. The handiness of this flashlight is also notable based on the feedback from the users. The ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and carry around with its metal pocket clip.

Things to Improve

A minor concern about the Coast HP1 LED Flashlight is the lack of a reflector. This is something that can be added as a feature. The reflector can help the users to locate the flashlight in the dark. But since the flashlight is lightweight and has a pocket clip, it is so handy to carry all the time for possible emergencies, work, or camping trips.

Another small issue that was pointed out from customer comments is that the black coating of the flashlight is easily scratched. However, with the aluminum casing of the flashlight, you already get an impact and water-resistant product. Generally, we can say that this is a valuable gadget to have.


Overall, Coast has been consistent with manufacturing a quality product with their Coast HP1 LED Flashlight. It definitely stands out with its notable features. It even comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

You get a brilliant light from the LED light bulb, an adjustable light beam through a slide-focus system, durability with the aluminum casing, lightweight, handy with the pocket clip, battery-use options, in a very affordable price. This is clearly a valuable purchase. Read other best pocket flashlight reviews for more information.wide orange