Coast G19 LED Inspection Flashlight Review

Looking for a good compact flashlight? The Coast G19 LED Inspection Flashlight might be the answer to your problems. There are many other compact flashlights sold out there but what does the Coast G19 do that makes it so unique?

It takes a really special flashlight to make a big difference in the market that has already a lot of these going on. For starters, the Coast G19 offers a good amount of light for a handy flashlight.

It has an impressive inspection beam pattern that can cast a nearly perfect circle of light. The light shown is very smooth and consistent which you can’t find in most portable flashlights.

The Coast G19 is only four inches, and you can carry it almost anywhere you need it to be. It can easily fit into your bag or a pouch anytime that you need to take it for hiking, exploring or for camping.

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21QJAw892BQLResisting Impact and Water with the Coast G19

You can’t find this in most flashlights as they are only made to be portable and light. However, if you take into account that in bringing the flashlight into environments such like canyons, forests and even mountains where anything can fall on the rocks or in the water.

This is where the Coast G19 boasts of its impact and water resistance capabilities.

The LED light is protected and attains no damage whatsoever. There is also almost little to no effect on the54 lumen output which remains bright. The Coast G19 has been built to be tough and overcome external factors.

It has an aluminum casing to protect it and is still very lightweight to carry around. The casing is also rust resistance and can resist corrosion as well.

Impressive Focus Beam and Battery Life of the Coast G19

Apart from having rubberized O-ring and an unbreakable LED feature, the focused beam of the Coast G19 can give it a good battery life. Even though it is stated that it can last for two hours, it can last more than that when needed.

Of course, it would also depend on which battery you are using, but even with using the last bit of alkaline you can be sure that the light emitted is still as bright as before. This means that there is no waste of energy when the Coast G19 is used and that the beam of light is using every amount of power that is left in the battery.

Coast G19 Specifications and Features

  • Uses an AAA battery
  • Has 54 lumen light output
  • Has a 20-meter beam distance
  • Lasts up to 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Measure about 0.6 in diameter
  • Has impact and water resistance
  • Has inspection beam optics
  • Comes with a pocket clip and is ultra compact

wide orangeCoast G19 Reviews

The Coast G19 has garnered a good amount of reviews from the customers who have used the product. It has a rating of 9.5 out of 10 and the customers truly love the bright light that is emitted from the LED light.

The impact resistance and water resistance is also praised as they come in pretty handy. Customers also appreciated the compact design of the Coast G19. Battery life is also one of the reasons why customers wanted to have the Coast G19 as it provides a good amount of light.

Also, some of the customers found the inspection beam as a great help in making the light stand out and look very clear. This made them see their activities clearer in the dark. The beams were able to illuminate places as far as thirty feet away.

Things to Improve

There were customers who had some issues with the form of the Coast G19 and they wanted it to be smaller or slender. This made it a bit more uncomfortable to hold for them as they wanted something that can easily be held with one hand. Although the current model is made to accommodate the tail switch which can be more reliable than the twisting switch that most flashlights have.

The gripe serves as the clip and is sometimes lose that customers have trouble using it, however getting metal clips may make the tool more expensive.


Overall the Coast G19 is a very compact and reliable tool to have around when you want to go to the outdoors and equip yourself with a bright and sturdy flashlight. The inspection beam optic works wonder with the light and gives you very minimal glare. You can easily carry it around with you and not feel a thing which makes it perfect for an everyday carry-on tool. You can also trust that the Coast G19 is nothing but of good quality. The LED is virtually strong and unbreakable, so you don’t have to worry about smashing it accidentally and losing the lens.

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