Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio Review

Are you interested in getting a new radio? If you are then you should think it thoroughly since there are many products online to choose from. The Cobra 29 LX40-Channel CB Radio may be something that you would want to consider getting. When you want your radio to have a good aesthetic design, as well as a good LCD color, display the Cobra 29 LX can be a great choice. It has an LCD display of blue, green, amber or even red that you can select from.

Not only that but Cobra 29 LX also has a night and day setting which makes the readability of the radio be much easier. You can also find that this radio has a clock and timer that you can also use as an alarm. If you want a multi-tasking radio you will never go wrong with this model.

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The modern design of the Cobra 29 LX enables for a larger image and it also has more added features to make the radio experience even better. You can find a new weather receiver that can scan advances towards the next channel. This means that you can get a signal of the next clearest channel every time you scan. Moreover, if you drive for long distances and in other states, you can get the latest weather warnings and alerts on the radio. The Cobra 29 LX is also the first to introduce the radio check diagnostic where you can monitor the radio’s RF output when you need to. You can also have access to monitor the battery voltage and the SWR setting.

The 40 channels have a wide channel scan as well as a wide memory channel programming to help you save the channels. It also has a channel 9 and channel 19, channel frequency, audible key tones, weather channels and a 4 watt AM RF output which is the maximum power that is approved for CB. You can also find useful features such as the talk back controls where you can adjust the amount of modulation talk back that you need.

A Closer Look With The Weather Channels And Other Features On The Cobra 29 LX

With the Cobra 29 LX you can gain access to national weather channels that you choose to listen to. They are on air for 24 hours a day so you won’t miss anything. This feature alerts you when it detects the nearest or the strongest weather alert signal. You will be notified with an alert tone to help you notice it.

There is also the talk back feature along with the weather feature that gives you the modulation that you need. It is also is turned on when the speaker is transmitting. You also can’t go wrong with the new LCD display colors that make the calibration easier to look at. You can find more functions with the Cobra 29 LX that work well, just make sure that you have them tested before you actually buy the radio.

If you want to get the maximum performance on the radio, you are also given the choice to buy a separate antenna to be able to get better broadcast and clearer channels.

You can also be confident that you can easily store the channels of your choice. You can pick out around 10 of your favorite channels and save them. This means that you no longer have to keep on scanning the radio every time you open the radio.

Cobra 29 LX Features

  • Multi color display that can be set from one color to the other; 4 available colors to choose from
  • Easy access to 10 NOAA weather channels with notification to alert you to the weather of the area you’re in
  • Dimmed light perfect for driving
  • 40 channels to scan with and effective searching for the transmission
  • Has radio check diagnostic that gives information on the CB aspects you need such as the antenna condition, battery voltage, and the RF power
  • There is also the public address system that also has a PA speaker which can receive signals as well

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Cobra 29 LX Reviews

The Cobra 29 LX has gained 9.5 out of 10-star reviews. It has taken a lot of good feedback from the customers and that those who were able to use it were very much satisfied. The antenna is one of the features that the customers loved with the Cobra 29 LX. Owing to that customer’s experienced great signal reports even up to 23 miles/ the quality of the radio hasn’t failed to impress its customers and is truly regarded as high quality. When compared to similar antennas, the one on the Cobra 29 LX is easily comparable.

The model is something to behold and most customers are impressed and satisfied. There is no need to continually hack the radio to get its best features because it already is in its best form that you can just use it out of the box. Customizing the radio is an easy job that you can almost instantly do on your own.

Things to Improve

There isn’t much that the Cobra 29 LX needs to improve just simple tweaks with the mic gain and the calibration. You can make some small changes on the features of the radio, however, don’t tinker with it too much or you could damage what the features are for. You can also consider getting other accessory products to improve the features of the radio.


If you want a quality radio that can offer great new features then you should go for Cobra 29 LX. You can also try and check out reviews and forums to know more about what this product can offer.

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