Cobra CBRHGA1500 CB Antenna Review

Cobra Electronics is the leading manufacturer and distributor of communication and navigation products in the world. They offer CB radios and antennas, dash cams, and much more. Out of these items, the CBRHGA1500 CB Antenna is their best-selling creation. It is a 36-inch radio aerial that you can mount on the roof of your car.

Generally used for small vehicles, the Cobra CBRHGA1500 CB Antenna set is easy to install. It has a magnet at the base, allowing you to install the antenna with no sweat. Furthermore, it can hold up to 300 power wattage, allowing you to communicate with another person despite the long distance. It also features NOAA Weather Channels, enabling you to know if there’s a hazard on the road.

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An Antenna That Doesn’t Need a Professional Installer

Most of the radio antennas require you to read their guidebook before you install it on your car. However, the CBRHGA1500 doesn’t ask you to read any instructional material. This antenna features magnets which you need to click together and put on the car’s roof. Once installed, you can plug it to your CB radio and use it while on the road.

The size of this CB antenna mount is 36 inches; nonetheless, it can withstand strong winds and storms. Furthermore, it can reach long ranges, making it as one of the strongest antennas in the market.

Its base is coated with rubber which preserves the paint of your car. Furthermore, the package includes an Allen wrench which you can use for installing the CB whip antenna. It also has a pre-tuned feature that helps you adjust the tuning.

An Antenna That Allows Long Distance Communication

Despite its short size, Cobra CBRHGA1500 CB Antenna lets you communicate with another person regardless of the distance. This CB radio aerial can reach up to 10 miles without noise. Hence, you will be able to hear the person you are talking to even if he’s in another city.

Cobra CBRHGA1500 CB Antenna Features and Specifications

The Cobra CB antenna has a lot of features to offer. Below are the features and functions of this device.

  • 300 Watts of Power With 26-30 MHz Frequency – allows long distance communication up to 10 miles
  • Magnet – keeps the antenna in place, even if there’s a strong wind
  • Weather Channel Feature – lets you know if there’s a storm approaching, allowing you to make a decision ahead of time
  • S0 239 Connector – connects the antenna to the CB radio to give clearer frequency
  • Rubber-Coated Base – prevents the antenna from damaging the paint of the vehicle
  • Allen Wrench – makes the installation process easier

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Cobra CBRHGA1500 CB Antenna Reviews

Due to the number of positive reviews that it received, we give Cobra CBRHGA1500 an 8 out of 10 approval rating. Many people seem happy with its strength and SWR readings.

One of the antenna’s users said that the tool is durable. According to him, it doesn’t snap even though it has bumped with numerous branches. Furthermore, the antenna is still standing even if the car is running at 65 kph. He then described it as a decent antenna for an affordable price.

Another buyer mentioned the power of its SWR reading. In his review, he said that you could still get a clear audio even without installing the whip. Furthermore, you don’t need to adjust the tuning as it is always clear, according to the user.

Things to Improve

The Cobra antenna may seem perfect due to its outstanding performance and durability. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impeccable. There are some users who complain about the magnet and the base.

According to one of the buyers, the magnet doesn’t stick well. He ran at 40kph, and the antenna fell off, resulting to damage in his car.

Another buyer complained about the base. Although Cobra claims that the base won’t harm your car’s coating, he disagreed with this statement.

According to him, the rubber plate is thin. Because it is weak, it cannot protect the car painting from scratches that come from the magnet. He was disappointed and surprised because he liked the old Cobra CB aerial that he was using.


Cobra CBRHGA1500 CB antenna is the most successful product of the company. It only measures 3 inches, but it is powerful. Despite the size, it can reach up to 10 miles. Furthermore, it doesn’t wobble that much, thanks to the wind-resistant feature.

Though the antenna seems to be perfect, it doesn’t mean that it’s flawless. A few people complain about its base as it doesn’t protect the car’s coating. Nonetheless, these are only minor cases. If you get a dysfunctional antenna, you may call Cobra to get a replacement.

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