Cobra Electronics MR F45-D Marine Radio Review

The Cobra Electronics MR F45-D VHF Radio is a no-frill VHF marine radio that handles all your communication needs. It comes with a manual, microphone mount, mounting bracket, GPS interface, mounting hardware, and a power cord.

Like all boat radios, the Cobra MR F45-D needs mounting, a power supply, and a hookup. These features keep the communication smooth-sailing.

Compared to other marine radio equipment, this tool is a bit larger. It measures 6.2 x 2.4 inches and weighs 2.7 pounds. Nonetheless, its functions are similar to handheld devices or better. No wonder why it is one of the recommended radio machines on the market.wide orange


Boasts a Noise-Free Transmission Regardless of the Distance

One of its key features is the noise-cancelling microphone. Its purpose is not only to communicate with other people but also to block the noise that surrounds you. In that way, you can convey messages without interruptions.

Apart from that, it also has a wider reach. In fact, you can transmit messages to as far as 20 nautical miles. Hence, you can get help if there is an emergency in the middle of the ocean.

Has an Internal GPS Unit That Leads You to the Right Direction

The Cobra Marine MR F45-D has a built-in GPS feature. Like other GPS trackers, it tells you which way to go. Furthermore, it gives your exact location in the water. Hence, it’s quite impossible to get lost in the ocean if you install it in your vessel.

Cobra MR F45-D Features & Specifications

Aside from the components mentioned above, there are other features that you will get from this marine band radio unit. Here are some of them:

  • Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) – it lets you send warning signals or position information to another vessel.
  • Waterproof Design – Cobra ensures that their marine VHF products meet the JIS7 regulations for waterproofing. In that way, the equipment will still work, even if it gets wet.
  • Dual Output Power – it offers 1 or 25 power wattage for short-range and long-range transmission.
  • NOAA Weather Channels and Alert Modes – it monitors the weather pattern in your current location. Moreover, it warns you when the radio marine discovers a hazard.
  • Canada, USA, and International Channels – it allows movement on any of these three waypoints. Hence, you will know if there’s a hazard before you reach the channel.
  • Flush Mount Kit – an additional feature of the Cobra marine radio that simplifies the installation process. You only need to use the tools provided to set up the system.wide orange

Cobra MR F45-D Reviews

Considering the number of positive reviews that Cobra MR F45-D receives, we give it 8 out of 10 rating. Many people are satisfied with the performance of this unit.

According to one of the users, this radio machine saved his life. His boat broke down and sank into the water. But nonetheless, he was able to ask for help because of this system. Though it got soaked into the ocean, the radio device works well in spite of the wet environment.

Another buyer claimed that it is the best boat radio equipment that he got. He said it has all the features that you can only find from high-end units. Thus, he encourages everyone to buy this tool.

Things to Improve

No matter how good it is, it still has some flaws. One of the small issues of the radio system is the look. According to one of its buyers, the face of this unit fades when exposed to sunlight. Hence, if you want to keep its look, you need to install it in a place that has a cover.

Another complaint is the missing cord for the extra mic. The unit works well, said the buyer, but it doesn’t have a cord for the second microphone. Hence, they have no choice but to share the mic or buy a new cord for the spare microphone.

All these criticisms are just minor problems; hence, can be solved easily. For instance, if you get a package that has a missing mic connection, you may call the manufacturer right away. They will gladly replace it with a new set along with its complete components.


The Cobra MR F45-D is one of the highly-recommended radio units on the market. Although it is not portable, it has all the features that you need for communication. Furthermore, it can serve as a GPS tracker that tells your exact location and leads you to the right direction.

Though it may seem the best unit for sailing, it still has some setbacks. But these flaws are only minor issues. Meaning, you can solve the problem easily by replacing it with a new set,

Are you looking for a boat radio device that is perfect for your sailing needs? Do check out our best marine radio here.wide orange