Continental PureContact 15493630000 Tire Review

Continental is the fourth largest tire manufacturer in the world. It is known for supplying wheels on leading luxury cars, such as Porsche and Mercedez Benz. But in 2013, Continental introduced their first ever replacement wheels – the PureContact Radial Tires.

Continental PureContact was created not as the original wheels of a car but as a replacement set. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that these wheels are of poor quality. In fact, it is one of the best all-season tires that you will get. Continental ensures that their wheels meet the needs of their users when it comes to vehicles and driving.wide orange514mN5w4riL

Each Wheel Is Reinforced by ComfortRide TechnologyTM

Continental PureContact tires boast a ComfortRide TechnologyTM. Each wheel has a cushioning rubber layer that reduces vibration. Furthermore, it uses a weight-optimized design that balances the heaviness of the car, resulting in easy driving. Hence, everyone who’s in the car will stay comfortable even if you’re driving on a rough surface.

Apart from that, it helps reduce fuel consumption. Forcing a car to take on a rough surface consumes a lot of fuel. But if you use the PureContact tires, you don’t need to push your vehicle harder. These wheels run smoothly even on bumpy areas, making it easier to drive.

The Only All-Season Tire That Uses EcoPlusTM Technology

EcoPlusTM Technology refers to tire materials that help improve driving pleasure. It features oil-free materials to make it environmentally-friendly. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the wheel performs poorly. The PureContact tires stay durable and grip harder, making it easier to drive even in winter and rainy seasons.

Continental PureContact 15493630000 Features & Specifications

Though PureContact with EcoPlus Technology is their best-selling tires, it doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing that it has. There are other features and benefits that you will get from this product. Below are the advantages and components of PureContact wheels.

  • Twin Steel Belts – usually covered with a wound joint polyamide, it increases strength and uniformity.
  • +Silane Additives and Tg-F Polymers – these components enhance treadwear, reduce fuel consumption and traction.
  • Traction Grooves – these are vertical ridges that increase three-dimensional traction.
  • Tuned Performance Indicators – these are represented by three visible letters, which are D, W, and S. If three letters are detectable, it means there’s enough tread depth for wet, dry, and snowy conditions. If D and W are the only letters that are visible, it means it can withstand dry and wet surfaces. If the letter D is the only thing that you can see, then the tread depth of the wheels is only for dry areas.
  • Weight-Optimized Structure – specifically designed for losing weight and rolling resistance.
  • 70,000-Mile Warranty – it assures that the user can travel up to 70,000 miles without a problem.wide orange

Continental PureContact 15493630000 Reviews

Due to the number of positive reviews it receives, we give it a perfect 10! Everybody seems to love this product.

According to one of the users, Continental tires deserve a high rating. He said that the grip was phenomenal. He also mentioned that even if the tires reached 60,000 miles, he didn’t experience any problem. He even recommended getting this product if your car needs a tire replacement.

Another buyer said that she was glad that she bought these tires. According to the reviewer, the first thing she saw was the wheels were soft. But as the weeks went by, it began to stiffen, making it perfect for hardcore driving. She also encouraged everyone to buy these tires.

Others like the free shipping service. Not only are they fast but also reliable. Overall, consumers are satisfied with the product and the company’s performance.

Things to Improve

The tire seems to be perfect due to its outstanding durability and performance; hence, getting 10 out of 10 rating. But like any other products, these tires are not perfect. They also have some flaws. Nonetheless, these weaknesses are bearable, so it’s up to whether you should take that flaw.

According to most of its users, these wheels weren’t able to eliminate the noise; rather, it helped reduce it. But like what we have said earlier, the sound wasn’t too loud. Hence, it’s your choice whether you will accept this error.


The Continental PureContact wheels are one of the best all-season tires in the market. Not only it gives comfort to the drivers but also reduces fuel usage. Thanks to its EcoPlusTM Technology, users can enjoy their journey without worries.

Moreover, these tires from Continental use Tuned Performance Indicators. As the name suggests, it tells the driver if the car is resistant to dry, wet, and snowy roads.

Overall, this tire is perfect for all seasons, allowing you to save cash and use it for other purposes.

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