Cotton Hi-Vis T-Shirts: The Solution To Stay Safe & Cool This Summer

Hi-vis clothing is essential to many different industries, isn’t it? Think about it, when you’re going through the cause of your normal day to day activities how many people do you see wearing hi-vis clothing?

I am willing to bet that the majority of people see quite a few throughout the day, even if you don’t work in an industry like construction you will probably still see plenty of people wearing various pieces of hi-vis clothing. Hi-vis clothing is not just for builders, after all plenty of people from a variety of different industries wear hi-vis clothing.

Builders and construction workers are the main two groups but security guards, cleaners, the police, cyclists, airport and rail workers and even teachers and school children can all wear hi-vis clothing. And while you might not know it hi-vis clothing does come in many different forms and today we’re going to be looking at one of the most versatile types.

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Cotton Hi Vis T-Shirts – The Benefits!

Hi-vis clothing might be great at making you more visible, that is what it’s designed for after all but it can also be very bulky and uncomfortable. Now this will, of course, vary from garment to garment but in general hi-vis clothing is not going to be very comfortable.

One of the biggest issues with hi-vis clothing is that the vast majority of people will be wearing it outdoors. Which means you’ll be dealing with the sun, and bulky clothing, when combined with hot summer days, can make people very uncomfortable.

This might not be a big deal to some people but it will be an annoyance you could do without. Yes, the safety that comes with being visible is worth it but wouldn’t it be nice to be both visible and comfortable? Well, what if I was to tell you that you can wear hi-vis clothing while still being cool and comfortable?

This is why cotton hi vis t shirts are so good! It offers the same reflective properties you’d find with other hi-vis clothing while also offering a more comfortable less bulky design. Hi-vis clothing can be made from many things and it will usually be a combination of polyester, cotton and of course the reflective materials that are needed to keep you safe.

However, hi-vis clothing with a higher percentage of cotton is going to be more comfortable to wear especially when working outside in the heat. Whether you’re a builder, highway worker or cyclist (to name just a few of the many possibilities) a cotton hi-vis T-shirt will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

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Should I Just Get A Hi-Vis T-Shirt?

Cotton hi-vis clothing doesn’t just include T-shirts but in my opinion, but they are certainly the best and most effective piece of cotton hi-vis clothing available. A T-shirt is perfect for working outdoors in the heat and can be easily paired up with a more traditional hi-vis vest.

A hi-vis T-shirt is also a great alternative to a bulkier hi-vis jacket, it does the same thing but is going to be much more comfortable to wear. Of course, when it’s colder you might need to wear a jacket but during the spring and summer, a hi-vis T-shirt will often do the job just fine.

Best of all, when you get a high-quality cotton hi-vis T-shirt you won’t lose any of the important visibility. Don’t think that just because a T-shirt is smaller than a jacket that you’ll lose visibility because you might be surprised by just how effective a hi-vis T-shirt can be! So, if you have to wear hi-vis clothing as part of your job why not consider buying a cotton hi-vis T-shirt or two?

These high-quality T-shirts can be a big benefit to almost anyone! They provide all the great benefits or more bulky, thicker hi-vis clothing but are much more comfortable to wear. With their higher percentage of cotton, you’ll be able to stay cool for longer and that is always going to be a good thing.

So, to answer the question of the subtitle do you just need to buy a cotton hi-vis T-shirt or not? Well, that’s all up to you and will really depend on your job. If you work outdoors a lot then a hi-vis T-shirt will usually be enough during the hotter months of the year but you might want to pair it up with a vest or jacket in the winter.

However, for jobs when you will only need the extra visibility at certain times then a hi-vis T-shirt can be a great alternative to a jacket. So, why not at least try them out? Hi-vis cotton T-shirts might not be as common as hi-vis vests and jackets but they offer great benefits you won’t find anywhere else.