Craftsman 12004 Shop Vac Review

Craftsman 12004 is the ideal vacuum to handle normal cleaning tasks. The top handle is designed for easy portability. The large dust sealed on/off switch is made for the accessible operation of the product.

The motor is powered with 3 HP that can absorb any kinds of mess. The tank has a 6-gallon fluid capacity that can collect both wet and dry clean-ups. The tank dolly casters are made for the easy maneuvering of the product to the desired place. The vacuum mode can easily be converted to blower mode to sweep off dry leaves, dust, and workshop burrs.

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Great Suction Power

Craftsman 12004 runs with a 3 peak horsepower motor that cleans outdoor and indoor areas. It can handle small to medium cleaning jobs like the flooded laundry washers and dishwashers. It has the strength to clean all types of vehicles like motorcycles, cars, RV, and boat and large chunks of debris like broken glass and wood shreds.

The polypropylene tank can collect a huge amount of wet and dry clean-ups. The powerful blower feature can be used to dry tires and to gust dry leaves and dust on potting plants, decks, and driveway. There’s also a large dust sealed on/off switch located on top for easier operation.

High-Quality Manageable Accessories

The accessories come along with the main unit. Some of its best accessories include 7 feet by 1-7/8 inch length hose, 10-feet power cord, and two pieces of extension wands. If these pieces were combined, even the cobwebs on the 17-feet high ceiling are within reach without the need to unplug the unit. The secure fit hose system keeps the hose in place while the unit is in use.

The vacuum has casters that allow greater mobility and portability. The wheels have the ability to move on a rough or uneven surface. The casters can swivel 360 degrees for easier rotation.

Furthermore, there are additional eight pieces of accessories that can be used for shop vacuum cleaning emergency. Moreover, Craftsman 12004 has an onboard storage for these accessories eliminating the hassle and reducing the overall space.

Craftsman 12004 Features and Specifications

  • Onboard storage for the accessories and power cord.
  • 6-gallon polypropylene tank.
  • Wide cleaning range of over 17 feet.
  • Easy vacuum-to-blower conversion.
  • Large dust-sealed switch for easy control.
  • Comes with 7-inch hose, 10-inch power cord, two extension wands, cartridge filter, hose bracket set, wet pickup foam filter, floor nozzle, and utility nozzle.

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Craftsman 12004 Reviews

Craftsman 12004 received an Editor Rating of 9 out of 10. The users love its suction power because it can almost absorb everything. Users say that the product has greater suction strength compared to the other models of the same size.

They say that its power is enough to clean the house, kitchen, flooded areas due to leakage, bathroom, trailer, closets, car, patios, and more. They say that they got the value for the price they paid. Moreover, there’s no need to use a filter bag.

One of the most amazing things is that some users said that the tank can even hold more than six gallons of clean-ups. The accessories are amazing and functional, with 100% efficacy for their intended use.

The users love the range this product can reach. The hose, extended arms, and the power cord, when put together, can reach over 17 feet. In addition to that, the 360 degrees swivel wheels make the product movable, in addition to the handle on top that one can hold comfortably to take the unit from places to places.

Craftsman 12004 is close to perfect because all the necessary features of an ideal vacuum are found in this product: the great suction power, long cleaning range, blower feature, on-board accessory storage, and a lot more. There’s almost nothing to look for.

So for an overall review, the product is one of the best vacuums that can be used for small to medium cleaning jobs.

Things to Improve

There’s almost nothing negative to say about Craftsman 12004. However, this is not a perfect product and nobody can ever find a faultless product in the market. Sometimes, the product’s greatest features may lead to some downsides that cause minor complaints in some users.

One of these downsides is the unit’s bulky appearance. This is because of the 6-gallon tank that constitutes the majority of the vacuum’s size. This is not a good feature for some users as it becomes heavier as it is filled with debris. However, this is also the reason why this model has the capacity to collect a huge amount of wet and dry clean-ups compared to the others.


Craftsman 12004 is one of the best shop vacs in the market. Its powerful suction capacity and accessories make it an ideal cleaning device for handling small to medium cleaning jobs. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor clean-up tasks.

Do check out other best shop vac to compare Craftsman 12004 with the other products and for more information. Read more about it and discover why it is one of the best.

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