Craftsman 36220 Mechanics Tool Set, 220 pc. Review

Craftsman 36220 Mechanics Tool Set is a product that Craftsman is proud of. Founded and have its name since 1927, Craftsman dedication to durability and quality has made builder’s life easy to deal with. The company produced over more than 6,000 products under 80 categories. It became America’s best-selling brand for tools.

Craftsman Set is for all mechanics even for beginners. It offers a complete and portable set of mechanical tools and has a case for easy travel. This set contains 220 pieces which were crafted from alloy steel and is plated with chrome finish for durability and long-lasting use. Read more about its different features below

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220 pcs of Tools for Variety of Works

Included in the case that you will purchase for this product is the 220 pcs tools that could be used on different type of mechanical works. This 220 pcs set includes 12 nut driver bits, 29 screwdriver bit sets, 1 magnetic holder, 40 hex keys, 6 wrenches, 128 sockets, 1 extension bar and 3 quick-release ratchets.

This set will make you save money because you will not be buying the tools separately and the tools are made up of strong alloy steel and are chrome-plated finished for long lasting durability. This will be in one case that will keep your tools organized, neat and ready to go if you need it anywhere you are working.

Warranty to Serve You Better

This product including Professional and Industrial Hand tools, socket/ratchets and drive tools, wrenches (non-torque), auto-specialty (non-electrical, non-pneumatic, non-hydraulic) do have a good warranty proposal for consumers. For full warranty, if the tool ever fails on providing complete satisfaction to the users, it will be replaced or repaired with free of charge.

Also, it is important to take note that not all products and companies have a full warranty such as what Craftsman offers.

Craftsman 36620 Features

This product which offers 220 pcs of helpful is not just known for this feature alone. There are a lot of things that Craftsman Mechanic’s Tool could provide you. This product is just waiting for you to be discovered and used.

  • Sockets included are of deep and standard depths with 6 and 12 socket points that are used for versatility
  • Includes plastic hard shell case and has quick release and one hand reverse ratchet feature
  • Weighs 19.43 pounds and is guaranteed forever

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Craftsman 36620 Reviews

As this product is being attractive to mechanics due to what it offers, there are some reviews from customers which could help you assess. This will assist you in deciding whether to buy this or think more times. This tool gained 4.4 out of 5 stars editor ratings.

One review said that Craftsman makes very high-quality hand tools for longer use. The best part of the review is that the tools made can be replaced or traded with no questions asked to a brand new one. If the tools get damaged, break or rust from use, stores like Sears or KMart allows you to ask for a replacement with free of charge.

Craftsman 220 pc. Mechanics Tool Set is strongly recommended by others since it has service value on top of it. The price it is been offered goes perfectly with the tools and the service they could provide you. It lasts long since it is a product made by Craftsman which is known to give it service to consumers for way too long since 1927.

Things to Improve

All positive feedbacks do always have a negative counterpart especially for those who are expecting too much. Though there are positive reviews, there is no chance that one from 100 people purchased this product will not be giving their opinion on the experience they have while using the product.

Some consumers who purchased the product do have difficulty on using it for they had the tools included confusing to use. They said it had limited selection of tools and had some inconsistency to its appearance compared to the old products of the same tool. The only request from some consumers is that the included sockets and wrenches larger enough.


Craftsman is serving the world for more than how many decades. They have proven that their products are of high quality. Offering Craftsman 36620 Tool Set is not a mistake since it was praised by many on how handy they are. It also received good feedback by the warranty it is covered under. With 220 pcs being available in one go, it will just need you a little penny to buy additional tools which were not included in the set. Do check out other ratchet set reviews too!

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