Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set, 50230 Review

The Craftsman Mechanic Tool Set, 50230 lets you tackle a wide range of projects by providing you with almost everything that you need to take on repairs and construction. This toolset mainly offers durability and flexibility. Its high-quality material enables you to take on tough jobs with your tools and accessories breaking in the process. Its huge collection of sockets, ratchets, joints, and extension bars provide you flexibility in accomplishing simple to complicated tasks. Thanks to the Craftsman 50230, any problems or project in the house, garage, or workshop can be efficiently dealt with.

This tool set also features a lifetime warranty, which is applicable for all the pieces except for the screwdriver bits. This is indicative of the quality of the pieces in the set since the manufacturer is willing to back their product as its lifespan transpires. Because of this, you can save the hassle from tools breaking while you are using them and the cost of replacing them.

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51eCoDT6g6L 2Aluminum Alloy Steel Construction for Guaranteed Durability

The Craftsman 50230 is constructed from not just any material but from a high-quality aluminum alloy steel. This makes the pieces tough and resistant against wear and damages. Since the material is heavy-duty, you can use the pieces to take on a variety of tasks ranging from simple ones such as tightening bolts to the tougher ones like taking on huge DIY projects.

Wide Range of Sizes and Measurements for Different Needs

The Craftsman 50230 has different ratchet sizes namely 1/4, ½, and 3/8 inch. The package also includes 6 and 12 point sockets in a total number of 116. All of these sockets come in standard and metric measurements for easy identification of the right piece to use. In situations where in the ratchet cannot be used, you can opt for the tool set’s six-combination wrenches. Universal joints along with extension bars help in making repairs easier and more efficient. For greater versatility, you can also find nut drivers (12 pieces) and screwdriver bits (40 pieces). 40 hex keys complete the tool set.

Craftsman 50230 Features and Specifications

Here are the features and specifications of Craftsman 50230:

  • 230-pieceMechanicToolset -provides almost every piece you need to take on any mechanical job for professionals or personal use
  • Attachments include the½, 1/4, and 3/8 inch drives quick-release ratchets as well as 116 sockets that come in metric and standard measurement sin 6 and 12 points
  • Allow Aluminum Steel Material with Silver Finish – Tools are made of durable alloy steel with a silver finish; backed by lifetime warranty (except for screwdriver bits)
  • All-inclusive Joints and Two Extension Bars – for easier repairs
  • Six combination wrenches – to do tasks that cannot accommodate ratchets; come in standard and metric measurements
  • Ergonomic Magnetic Handle – comes with 12 nut drivers available in standard and metric measurements, as well as 40 screwdriver bits; allows for solid grip and powerful handling
  • Available with 40 hex keys
  • Comes with Carrying Case – to protect the bits and attachments from damage; for easy carrying to different locations

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Craftsman 50230 Customer Reviews

Considering the amazing features of the Craftsman 50230 as well as what customers have to say about it, we have given this tool set a rating of 9/10 stars. A huge number of buyers of this tool set has been satisfied with its quality. One customer said that this is an extensive tool set that allowed him to use just the right size of tool for varying applications. He also added that the carrying case was great in keeping the attachments and other pieces organized.

Another customer expressed his delight over the quality of the tools. He added that the lifetime warranty of this tool set cannot be beaten. For him, this warranty gave him peace of mind even though he was not able to avail of this yet.

Things to Improve

Just like any other product and tool set, some people have disappointments with Craftsman 50230. One customer has commented that it was an extensive tool set, but it was not complete with some more advanced tools lacking. The thing about this tool set is that it is intended for beginner and intermediate users. The needed for more advanced tools requires a more advanced tool set. Nevertheless, the Craftsman 50230 still provides you with almost all of the things that you will need in mechanical work.


The Craftsman 50230 is an ideal tool set for the starting mechanic. Its wide array of tools and attachments makes it easy for beginner mechanics to find the right size and measurement for the specification application requirements. With its durable construction, extensive collection, and a lifetime guarantee, it sure is one of the best tool sets in the market.

It is deserving to be an addition to any mechanic’s necessities or tool collections.

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