Crane EE-5301 Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

The Crane Personal humidifier is best known for its ability to induce good sleep to the users. Just like other travel humidifiers, it produces cool mist that is spread across the room or any space. You will like how quiet it can run, making it possible for you to remain undisturbed when you’re sleeping.

If you are looking for a humidifier that is very effective in increasing the moisture of the air, then you have come across to the right product. The design of this device is meant to give ultimate performance to the users. In fact, it is recommended for decongesting nasal passages whenever someone is sick.

The manufacturer stresses that their product is proven to be effective in relieving the symptoms of cough and colds. No more clogged nose with this ultrasonic humidifier. You will surely be able to benefit from this as an alternative to OTC medicines.

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Night Light and Blue Light LCD

One of its sought-after feature is its blue backlight LCD that reflects glamorously especially at night time. This adds up to its aesthetic value. Not all humidifiers have this feature. Crane Personal Humidifier will keep you mesmerized with its blue light. You don’t need to use a lamp when you sleep because this already functions as your light source.

When you are travelling, you can use this as your light source when you get caught up in a situation wherein you need light. The blue light of this device can be the best addition to your bedroom especially when it’s already sleeping time.

Aside from the blue backlight, it also has a built-in alarm clock. You will definitely love the functionalities of this travel humidifier. You don’t need to use another alarm clock since you can just set the alarm function of Crane Personal Humidifier. Where else can you see a multi-purpose one?

Non-Medicated Alternative to OTC Medicines

One thing that this can boast about is its function as an alternative to the OTC medicines for flu, cough, colds, and other respiratory problems. It is proved to work in decongesting the nasal passages of an individual. This is very effective in providing moisture in the air, making breathing easier and more natural.

It is recommended for people who always suffer dry cough and sinus problem. This has the ability to moisturize the nasal passage and remove the irritants from the air. It is the main reason why hospitals opt to place this in most of their patient rooms.

If you think that you are overly using OTC medicines for cough and other related sickness, then you should definitely buy this travel humidifier. You will definitely benefit from its soothing effect. You will also save yourself from overly using OTC medicines. Remember that these medicines have adverse effect on your body. It is best to use natural methods like using a humidifier. The Crane Personal Humidifier will surely give this benefit.

Crane Personal Humidifier Features and Specifications

  • Made from 0% fabric – this means that this travel humidifier is very effective in increasing the moisture in a particular space.
  • Ultrasonic technology – just like other travel humidifiers, this device uses the ultrasonic vibration to produce water droplets that will be converted into cool mist.
  • Relieves cough and flu symptoms – this has the ability to decongest the nasal passages by keeping the air moisturized. It also works best for irritation in sinuses.
  • Works for dry skin – due to its ability to moisturize the air, your skin and hair will surely be moisturized as well.
  • Alternative to OTC medicines – this can be a good alternative for OTC medicines. It has no adverse effect to your health.
  • Quiet operation – it doesn’t produce loud noise while running.

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Crane Personal Humidifier Reviews

We rate the Crane Personal Humidifier with 6.5 over 10. The best feature that it has is its ability to relieve congestion for people who suffer from flu and other related respiratory problems. Users have noted that they are able to experience its therapeutic and healing benefits.

Most of the users always bring it in their bags since it is very handy. They have it for traveling purposes, especially when they need to go to a place where air quality is not that good. Those with chronic asthma also make it as their travel companion. Overall, this travel has received positive feedback from the buyers and users.

Things to Improve

Few users have commented with the fan motor and its loud noise whenever they make it run. It should have been better if the Crane Personal Humidifier will work with less noise. Another consideration is the coverage of humidity. It is perfect to use in smaller spaces. If you have a really big space to humidify, then it’s better to use the heavy-duty ones.


Are you suffering from respiratory problems? If yes, the Crane Personal humidifier is the best fit for you. This will change the way you look at these devices. You will be amazed at how effective it can soothe your mood and feeling.

This best personal humidifier will bring you to another level of therapeutic experience with its efficacy in relieving nasal congestions. Check out what others have to say and see for yourself.

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