Critter Spray Products 22032 Paint Sprayer Review

You can find many options for spray guns in the market and Critter 22032 should be one of your options if you are searching for a cheaper. This functions as an extension for mason jars that are compatible with the design and size. This spray gun would run with a compressor. Like other spray guns, this is compatible with most of the materials. It has the capacity to spray paint with precision and accuracy. If you are looking for a spray gun at a lesser price, but with great capabilities, then Critter 22032 is the perfect fit for your need.

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Compressor Mounted Spray

You should be very particular with the task you are going to perform because the volume of air needed as well as the flow of air, depends on the activity. This spray gun has a compressor mounted to it when you avail this. The motor is powerful enough to withstand heavy duty tasks. Aside from this, it would definitely work perfectly with spot checks because of the dual compressor.

The pressure of the air that could be carried out by this spray gun is 3cfm at 90 PSI. This requirement should be met in order for it to function correctly. You need to attach it to the Mason jar to carry out your task. After the attachment, it can be used already for stains, paints, and other forms of liquids. If you are very particular with accuracy and precision, then you would surely love this siphon gun.

Mason Jar

The Mason jar is one of the highlights of Critter 22032When you purchase this product, it comes with a 16-ounce mason jar. This would fit well with the compressor. The good thing about it is that you can choose the size of the Mason jar as long as it would fit with the connection tube of the compressor.

This spray gun features a siphon-feed gun which enables it to produce a smooth finish through the use of metallic paints. Aside from this, you would be amazed to know that you just need to attach it Mason jars filled with different paints and other liquids. You can fill as many Mason jars as you like, as long as they would fit.

Critter 22032 Features

  • An air compressor that is mounted on the Mason jar – it can also be mounted to different sizes of Mason jars as long as it would fit with the compressor.
  • Metal Spray gun with the inclusion of Mason jar.
  • Siphon gun tube and Jar Gasket.
  • Attaches to different sizes of Mason jars.

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Critter 22032 Reviews

Critter 22032 amazingly received a rating of 8.5 out of 10 based on the reviews of the customers and users. This also comes with a very affordable price so everyone could really afford it. Most of the users love the simple design of this spray gun. It is also very unique because it uses Mason jars. This feature makes it very distinct with other spray guns in the market.

A woodcutter also noted that Critter makes it possible for him to produce a smooth finish. Aside from this, he was able to clean it up easily without any hassle. He also noted that this spray gun is the easiest cleanup compared to the other brands he has used before.

Some users found it really effective in certain woodworks. They have noted that this device is perfect for different jobs that would require brushes or paint cans. Another good thing about this product is the easy cleanup feature. The users would be saved from tedious cleaning process because there is little to clear up with this.

Things to Improve

Critter should work on with the control of this spray gun. Some users noted that it gets clogged from time to time. Others also noted that it would take time to get it unclogged. It would have been better if Critter made the tube a little wider in diameter to make it easier to clean. However, this is just a minor issue. Users could make use of thin wire to effectively clean it.


Critter 22032 is the only one of its kind spray gun because of the use of Mason jars. The good thing is that you could avail it at such a low price. You can have fun with the different jars that you could attach to it. Just remember that you need to have a compressor in order to use this device.

Whether you are a professional painter or just a beginner, this spray gun would definitely fit your skill level. Check out other best furniture paint sprayer here for more options. You can also read the comprehensive best siphon sprays gun reviews for assistance in choosing the best match for your needs.

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