Custom LeatherCraft 1614 Comfortlift Combo Tool Belt System Review

The Custom LeatherCraft 1614 Comfortlift Combo Tool Belt System is an excellent product for those who need a convenient way to transport all of their hand tools. This tool belt can help increase your work productivity, which is a definite plus. You would want to have a product that will help distribute the weight in your body so you won’t have to feel the strain in your lower back or hips.

When it comes to doing heavy-duty jobs (such as construction, carpentry, and auto repair among others), it is important to have a tool belt that you can place your important instruments in. It has to be made of high-quality material so that no matter how many hours you’ve spent working on projects, you will have something that you can rely on. The Custom LeatherCraft 1614 has a lot of pockets that allow you to place all of your essential tools in.

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The Custom LeatherCraft 1614 consists of padded suspenders that you can fully adjust. This function helps distribute the weight more evenly. This is good because it can reduce the strain on your hips and lower back.

The product also comes with a heavy duty belt which includes a double-tongue roller buckle (this keeps the pouches in place). The pouch handles allow a better load adjustment so that you won’t find it difficult to carry tools. Its antique brass finish hardware and rivets improve the durability and performance of the belt.

Storage Convenience

Custom LeatherCraft 1614 provides you with six large pockets. It also has 13 additional sleeves and pockets that will hold a variety of tools. It has two hammer holders as well as a measuring tape clip. They keep things within easy reach so you won’t have trouble trying to reach your essential tools.

Its large gusset pocket makes it convenient for you to reach to your nails, fasteners, screws and other tools. The pockets stay open, which will make sure that everything you have stays within reach while you’re doing your projects.

Custom LeatherCraft 1614 Features and Specifications

  • Fits 29 to 46 Waist Sizes – Can practically fit any body type.
  • 6 Large Pockets and 13 Additional Sleeves – It makes it easier to hold different kinds of tools
  • A Couple of Hammer Holders And A Clip For Your Measuring Tape – Keeps all of your essential tools within reach
  • Sleeves For Your Combination Square, Carpenter’s Square and Pry Bar – Gives room for more variety of tools and hardware.
  • Sta-Open Pocket Design That Also Includes Webbing Reinforcing
  • Hardware And Rivets With Antique-Brass Finish – Makes the product look aesthetically pleasing and it also improves the durability of the product.

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Custom LeatherCraft 1614  has received generally favorable reviews from its customers. Many of them loved its durability. One user even commented that the product felt heavy at first, but once it is put on, it felt light even if it was filled with tools.

The product was created in a way that it distributed the weight all over the body. It also doesn’t leave too much stress on the back and hips. Lots of other users also commended the quality and durability of the product. It’s a really good product that reviewers rate it at an overall 8/10.

Things To Improve

Custom LeatherCraft 1614 may have received a lot of favorable reviews, but there are also a few of those who felt that the product did not live up to expectations. One user mentioned that the belt is a little loose and the shoulder pads kept on riding up on the shoulder blades when he tries to tighten them. Another user would have liked if there was a buckle in the front to connect the shoulder straps together.

These problems may be easily fixed once you do a bit of customization. You can also fix the waistband by adding another hole on the belt. Even with its little flaws, the best features of the product more than makes up for it.


All in all, the Custom LeatherCraft 1614 is an excellent product to use to help carry your tools to different places. It is made in a way that will allow for a more convenient weight distribution which will thus make everything lightweight even though you’re carrying a lot of tools with you. Its open pockets also make it easier for you to reach for the things that you need for your projects.

There’s a reason why a vast majority of customers were impressed by Custom LeatherCraft 1614. Its advantages more than make up for its minor flaws. This product is worth purchasing.

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