Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

The Delta Power Tools 40-694 Variable Speed Scroll Saw is an impressive scroll saw in its own right because DELTA Power Equipment Corporation is a well-known, 90-year veteran in the world of power tools. Delta PEC is one of the most revered brands when it comes to woodworking tools in particular. While DeWalt is more of an innovation giant, DELTA is a woodworking specialist who creates saws that help the typical woodworker carve out the most intricate of masterpieces with amazing machine precision that needs to be seen to be believed. Honestly, it’s a saw you need to see in action to believe. 

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Impressive, Standard-Setting Specs

The Delta Power Tools 40-694 Variable Speed Scroll Saw has quite the number of standard-setting specs that speak for themselves. This is to be expected of a scroll saw that’s been designed with the professional and advanced woodworking markets in mind. It includes a 1.3 amp motor that can go from speeds of 400 to 1,750 strokes per minute (SPM). Furthermore, the Delta Power Tools 40-694 has a 20-inch cutting capacity and a ¾ inch stroke length. As for its table size, it’s 16 inches by 24 inches, which means it can accommodate all sorts of work pieces big and small with a stable and wide table surface that doesn’t wobble or vibrate during operation.

Cutting Capacity and Actual Benefits

This Scroll Saw has an assembled width of 16 inches and an assembled depth of 39 inches, making it compact yet heavy-duty enough to take the most rugged of sawing tasks. What’s more, this unit also has cutting capacities of 1⅝ inches at 45 degrees and 2⅛ inches at 90 degrees. What that means is that depending on your tilt, you can cut from as deep as 1⅝ inches to 2⅛ inches (although you can cut much deeper with a regular straight or non-angular cut). When it comes to cutting variations, Delta Power’s scroll saw is the king of saws.

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Here are the specs of the Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw.

  • Electronic Variable Speed: You can vary the SPM or strokes per minute of the Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw from 400 SPM to 1,750 SPM, allowing for a wide variety of cutting applications.
  • Dual Parallel Link Arm Design: Thanks to how its arm is designed, the Delta Power Tools 40-694 can reduce vibration, thus you won’t end up overcutting or undercutting any work piece. Every cut is surgically accurate.
  • Upper Arm Lifts: As for the upper arm lifts, the unit locks in the raised position when you’re changing its blade or adjusting the blade position to do fret work.
  • Tool-Free Blade Clamp: You can also do quick and easy blade changes in mere seconds with this clamp that you can manipulate without any special tools.

Customer Reviews

In light of my years and years of woodworking (and I’m currently starting to learn about metalworking next), I’ll give the Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw an A. Barely an A, but not an A+. More like an A-. The logic behind my grading is that it’s an excellent scroll saw but I’ve seen what an extra special saw is like, so I’m comparing it with that sort of saw. This fairly expensive product delivers the goods in terms of the fit, the finish, and easy to assemble. Everything comes to you in perfect condition and the first thing you’ll notice is its quietness and no vibration. You can do precision cuts with this saw with no distractions.

The Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw has received 57 reviews and has a 4.5 rating on, at the time of this writing.


There are disappointed “Amazonian” customers who expected more from the Delta Power Tools 40-694 Scroll Saw but the saw didn’t deliver. In particular, one customer got a bad deal and acquired a Delta Power Tools 40-694 that didn’t work. He lowered the tension and let it set for a minute to get it started, but then when it turned on, there were problems with the speed adjustment. It was not delivering the quality operation that the positive reviews were alleging it had. This customer might have gotten a factory defect on his Delta Scroll Saw (and finding repair shops to accommodate it is harder to do than with more mainstream brands like DeWalt).

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The defective copy of Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw reviewed by a rather irate customer aside, this brand of scroll saw doesn’t disappoint. The purchase wisdom you can get from buying the Delta Power Tools 40-694 is this: You will get your money’s worth from this scroll saw even if you’re not necessarily an expert woodworker. It’s that intuitive of a saw. The table can also tilt from left to right and from zero degrees to 45 degrees depending on what bevel or miter cut you want to do. The Delta Power Tools 40-694 is one of many carefully crafted saws that also include dust collectors, grinders, lathes, mortisers, planers, jointers, drills, radial arm saws, band saws, and electric table saws as well as (of course) scroll saws. Read other reviews of the best scroll saw on the market here.

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