DEWALT D28115 Heavy-Duty High Performance Grinder with Trigger Grip Review

The DEWALT D28115 High-Performance Grinder is designed for the future; it’s the high-performance grinder of the future today. At any rate, the DEWALT D28115 lives up to its name because it performs quite well in a variety of applications involving grinding and smoothening up of various surfaces and materials. Part of its success can be attributed to dust prevention system.

More to the point, it’s designed to keep the dust from entering its insides through air intake vents and ruining the grinder. This keeps the grinded materials from ruining and jeopardizing the performance of the DeWalt D28115 High-Performance Grinder.The instrument ensures that all the debris can be easily disposed of through its dust separation system.

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High Performance and Powerful Motor

Aside from allowing you to keep your work area clean as a whistle every time you’re finished grinding, the DeWalt D28115 has a motor that performs at the highest level. It works quickly, offers superior RPM and power, and it prevents overload by itself to boot. It’s also known for its dual abrasion protection and trigger grip. This guards the unit against debris that could damage its motor while at the same time ensuring you an ergonomically sound experience. Even when using this grinder for the long haul, you

It’s also known for its dual abrasion protection and trigger grip. This guards the unit against debris that could damage its motor while at the same time ensuring you an ergonomically sound experience. Even when using this grinder for the long haul, you won’t have to worry about tiring your arms or your hands too much compared to bulkier and shakier models out there.

Power and Performance, Comfort and Convenience

The DeWaltD28115 has a nice balance of power and performance as well as comfort and convenience. How was it able to achieve this? It has the specs to back up its performance claims, like its 9,000 RPM and 2.3 HP, 13-amp motor made for higher overload protection and faster material removal when you’re grinding.

While other grinders boast of superior RPM and amperage, they’re notoriously more inefficient to use and you will take the toll of handling such bulky machinery. That’s not the case with the DeWalt D28115. It has a two-position side handle to reduce the stress of vibration as well as a jam-pot gear case for proper alignment.

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Here are the specs of DEWALT D28115 High-Performance Grinder:

  • Motor: If you want higher overload protection and faster material removal, then you need the 13 amp, 2.3 HP, and 9,000 RPM motor of the DeWalt-Built G55 AC/DC motor.
  • Dust Ejection System: Any damaging dirt, dust, and debris is automatically ejected as you grind up steel or stone with your unit, thus keeping your air intake vents debris-free.
  • Wheel Change: You don’t need tools to do quick changes and replacements of the grinding wheel.
  • Abrasion Protection: The unit protects itself from abrasion due to its protective motor design and debris-ejection system.
  • One Piece Brush Arm: Brush hang-ups because of dust ingestion are mitigated with its one-piece brush arm.
  • Side Handle: The grinder won’t tire you out because it has a vibration-reducing side handle that extends its usage.

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DeWalt D28115 Review

The DeWalt D28115 is a grinder I’ve grown to love. It has features of a nine-inch grinder at a 4½ to 5-inch package. It blows my mind how powerful such a small and easily maneuverable grinder is, but that’s the truth. It’s also far from being fragile, which coincides with its strength. You don’t have to release its “safety” to get it started, and it even has a lock that holds the trigger and keeps it held for those long-haul jobs that require constant even grinding all the way through.

According to 107 customer reviews, the DEWALT D28115 Angle Grinder got a 4.6 out of 5-star rating (at the time of this writing).


The DeWalt D28115 has a 4.6 rating on Amazon, which means that there are several users who weren’t impressed with its capabilities. One reviewer had his copy of the grinder burn up after normal, non-heavy-duty usage. He gave the tool a negative review overall not only because it’s not as tough as advertised (according to his experience, at least) but also because after he had got the unit back from factory repairs after two months, it burned out again in his second usage. He’d rather use grinders from another brand than deal with this grinder that betrays the DEWALT legacy of excellence in power tools.

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The bottom line of the DEWALT D28115 is that you won’t tire when using it. Thus, you can utilize its grinding capabilities for much longer. It’s like a race runner versus a marathon runner; the one with more stamina who could go on for longer will tend to win out in the end. You can get more things done with the DeWaltD28115 because it’s designed not to tire you out after only a few minutes of use, which more than makes up for its “inferior” specs and lower RPM rate compared to its competitors. Check out other angle grinder reviews too!

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