Dewalt D28402K Review

Establishing a home improvement business is quite necessary and relevant in these recent times. There are a lot of people who need a helping hand for home renovation. Many families would like to upgrade their bathroom and kitchen, so their houses could be priced at a higher value.

How to establish a home improvement business? Being a contractor can be easily learned. Hiring the right staff to accomplish constructing and renovating projects can also be easy. Investing in the right power tools is a must.5177Y1d8ldL

One of the most sought after and best angle grinders in these modern times is the Dewalt D28402K. I am managing a home renovation business, and I am quite happy with the power tools we have, especially this amazing angle grinder.

What does the Dewalt D28402K boast of? How can it be compared to other units such as the Hitachi G12SE2? What are its features that make it very significant and reliable in doing a lot of home improvements tasks such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling?

Here is a detailed angle grinder review of the machine which includes a summary of how it is perceived by many customers from different parts of the world. When the customers could say yes and could only give so much positive feedback about a product, it is definitely a must-have item and worthy of everyone’s budget.

An Amazing Performance with its 10 Amp Motor

Power tools are all measured based on their performance. If they can’t do certain jobs efficiently or smoothly, they are not good for anyone. The Dewalt D28402K has an amazing 10 amp motor, which is very powerful as it gives the ability for the machine to produce up to 11,000 revolutions per minute or rpm, and which is a lot higher compared to other brands in the market.

With the amazing speed that the D28402K could create, the tool is expected to grind, cut, polish, and sand different items in the easiest, fastest, and smoothest way possible. Sharpening lawn mower blades could be done in just a few minutes. Getting mortar off of concrete blocks also lets everyone save a lot of energy. My staff members have no issues doing different tasks because of this powerful and handy angle grinder.

A Power Tool with Durability Feature

How should we measure the durability of a machine or power tool? Is time the sole measurable factor? In these modern times, there is no need to create a deadline or set an expiry time to determine the durability of a product. It is best to check out if it has maintenance features to allow the tool to be as durable as possible.

In the case of Dewalt D28402K, the manufacturer has included a dust ejection system so that the tool won’t be worn out or rust easily due to elements of particles or dusts. This feature is patented so it could be unique and restrictive to Dewalt D28402K users only.

Features and Specifications

  • It’s a 4 and ½ inch small angle or side grinder.
  • It has a powerful 10 amp motor which delivers up to 11,000 rpm.
  • It includes a dust ejection system, so particles could be removed constantly and maintenance of the product is easy to accomplish.
  • The paddle switch lock is designed to prevent accidental start up.
  • The spindle lock button is made for quick and easy wheel changes.
  • A one piece brush arm is designed to address dust ingestion.
  • It has a two position side handle which is very advantageous in different work environment or projects.
  • It includes a kit box for portability.

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Dewalt D28402K Reviews and Scores

The customer reviews about Dewalt D28402K have mostly been positive. From more than three hundred reviews, the product has gained an astounding 4.7 rating out of five stars. One customer highlighted the tool has tons and tons of power without any issue of overheating. Another customer stated that this machine exceeded his expectations as it truly worked above and beyond as he did some bathroom renovation and steam room project.

There is also one customer who used this angle grinder to restore his old Porsche. He said that the Dewalt D28402K is very comfortable and light. With this tool, the handle could be put either on the left or right side. Both left-handed and right-handed people could use the tool easily.

Are there no negative comments about the product? There were very few things that some people wish it could have such as a larger kit so more accessories could be placed on it.


The home improvement or renovation business is long-term. There are many houses that will always need some hard working and skilled people to remodel some of their rooms. Establishing this kind of business is quite easy. Skills can be learned easily since power tools have been made available to make every task simpler.

The Dewalt D28402K is highly recommendable. It can be considered as the best 4.5-inch angle grinder. I have benefitted a lot from this tool, and I intend to use it further and train my new hires. Some people just need to make some services available for them to realize what they really need in their lives. I help them realize their house needs by presenting different home improvement ideas, and offer the most reliable and highest quality of service.

The Dewalt D28402K makes my business successful. Its performance is superb, and it is one of the most reliable power tools that I’ve ever had. Do read more on other best angle grinder list here.

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