DEWALT D55146 4-1/2-Gallon 200-PSI Hand Carry Compressor Review

Dewalt D55146 200 PSI Hands Carry Compressor is an excellent and well-made air compressor. This machine was designed to survive the toughest condition, both for home use and professional work-place.

Besides, the DEWALT D55146 is recognized as the most effective compressors today. It is easily moved around and stored anywhere. The D55146 compressor is highly versatile, and could be used for remodeler and small framework carpenters.

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Maintenance-free operation and oil-free pump ensure durability

The actual D55146 functions Dewalt’s Higher Efficiency motor along with oil-free pump which guarantees durability and maintenance-free. The quality is excellent and all of the gears function properly. Weighing 83 pounds, it is a bit heavier than other compressors. Still, it is highly portable and the fitted wheels allow it to be taken around easily. This compressor is certainly built to take care of tough jobsite. Even better, the lower noise of 78db makes it highly suitable for indoor use.

Designed for small works

D55146 Hands Carry Air Compressor is created for small framing crews, cut carpenters, outdoor deck builders and remodelers. The D55146 Air Compressor could handle probably the most demanding nailing and stapling applications such as heathing and decking. However it is flexible enough to take care of the needs of the large cut carpenter team, or remodeler. The D55146 DeWALT trademarked high effectiveness motor and ruthless pump which allow users to make use of the additional performance supplied by 200 PSI.

Dewalt D55146 at the job site

Dewalt D55146 Features and Specifications

Beautiful Wheels — This particular compressor is actually heavier, but individual wheels help to make is life a lot easier. The handle stretches easily and quickly for smooth portability.

  • Powerful 200 PSI – This air compressor engine is powered with 5.4 CFM at 200 PSI which is very powerful. It has no difficulty powering a lot of air tools for your need.
  • Low Noise – Air compressors tend to be noisy. This Dewalt D55146 noise is very tolerable. The standard cycle reaches on about 160 PSI. It also runs from around 1750 RPM. The low noise, combined with slight vibration makes it a friendly machine, even when used at home.
  • Warranty – 12 months warranty with free maintenance
  • Product Measurements: 33. 5 × 44. 8 × 24.5 inch
  • Easily portable – Its 10-inch tire assists you to transport easily around the working site.

Dewalt D55146 Reviews and Scores

The Dewalt D55146 obtained good reviews from customers. The majority of customers are extremely happy with their purchase. According to Amazon reviews, the Dewalt D55146 is rated at 4. 1 stars over 5.

Most customers were happy with the quantity of air supplied and the refill speed of the compressor. Some reports claim that running 3 air tools simultaneously is not a problem for this beast!

The reviews point out that the Dewalt D55146 is nicely constructed and well-designed. The air flow capability (5.2SCFM) is impressive, and all customers found it meets most of their demands. Consumers reported how the noise level was just nice for indoor use. One customer noted: “Surprisingly peaceful and nicely-built”. Another customer said, “This air compressor provides a lot of air. It’s not really loud so far as compressors proceed. I like it! ” Simply put, the Dewalt D55146 is absolutely a right choice for the customers.

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Download the PDF version here



The DEWALT D55146is definitely an oil-free device that built to survive difficult and complex conditions. This advanced unit includes two hose pipe connections and cutting edge cooling system. The minimum branch signal necessity is actually 15 A with sluggish fuse. If you are seeking for compressors that meet lots of use, and quiet enough for indoor operation, give Dewalt D55146 a chance!