DEWALT DC012 Worksite Radio Review

The DEWALT DC012 Worksite Radio Charger, coming from its name, can be said to function as both charger and radio. It is very portable weighing only 14.25 pounds and with easy grip handles. With its roll-caged rugged design made of ABS plastic, it can stand up to the extreme conditions of the workplace.

It runs off of 12-volt, 14.4-volt and/or the 18-volt NiCd battery. It can charge 7.2 to 18 Volts DeWalt NiCd or Lithium Ion batteries in just an hour. Besides its AM/FM digital tuner, it also has an auxiliary connector for your music playing devices such as your iPod or cell phone.

This article is about Dewalt DC012, an introduction to its basic features and other specifications, and hits or misses as a worksite radio. This review will give you a better look on the Dewalt DC012 before you purchase this product. Below are the important features of the Dewalt DC012.

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Charging Capability

As stated above, Dewalt DC012 has the capability to charge 7.2 up until 18 Volts DeWalt NiCd or Lithium Ion batteries under an hour. It is easy to use, putting the battery to be charged into its assigned compartment and even runs while it charges. Its batteries also power the products’ radio, letting it be cordless. Together with this, Dewalt DC012 also has AC outlets on the sides that can be used to plug in anything.

Remarkably, Dewalt also employs their three stage charging system which results to maximum run time and lengthens overall battery life.

Radio Features

Dewalt DC012 has the basic AM/FM digital tuner which makes it easier to be able to refine your favorite radio stations over time. It has 15 preset stations. It also has an 11-inch flexible antenna that can be moved left or right, improving its durability and assuring better reception. Its knobs for volume and bass are large enough to be turned while wearing gloves.

Lastly and we guess most importantly, it also has an auxiliary cord input to connect it to your other devices(such as CD players, Mp3 players and cell phones) to be able to play your music from these devices.

Dewalt DC012 Features

Besides the above-highlighted features of Dewalt DC012, here is its complete list of features:

  • Charger of 7.2 to 18 Volts DeWalt NiCd or Lithium Ion batteries in just an hour
  • AM and FM Digital Tuner
  • Auxiliary cord plugs to connect other devices
  • High efficiency and weather resistant speakers
  • Three AC outlets for charging or powering any small work tools
  • Employs Dewalt Three Stage charging system
  • With LCD display and built-in clocks
  • With 15 station memory presets
  • With dual pivoting eleven-inch flexible antenna


  • Weighs 14.25 pounds
  • Dimensions of 12.3 x 10.4 x 20.8

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Dewalt DC012 Reviews

From 402+ reviews, Dewalt DC012 scores an editor rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers have praised that the product is easy to use. One of them shared that he/she found the product to have a good design, with its ruggedness, digital layout, and controls. Another customer has proven its durability when it has worked well even under the rain and snow.

Customers have also noticed that features like how Dewalt’s DC012 can run on the charged battery it has inside just in case of power outage. Some have also praised the auxiliary input that makes playing music for them more convenient.

Things to Improve

Highlighted by the people who gave out critical reviews, they have stated these reasons for lower stars given for Dewalt DC012. The first reason is that the quality of the radio sound felt less than the customer’s expectations. Other customers have said that the clarity and accuracy were lacking, or had too much bass. Some customers have also complained about DC012’s radio reception being a bit poor; though, not all customers have experienced this.


Dewalt is a creator and leading contractor of power tools including cordless drills, woodworking tools, power tools and other accessories. From a well-known company who has continuously provided great tools for the men and women in the worksite, Dewalt DC012 did not disappoint its loyal and new customers.

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, customers were impressed with its dual purpose and being able to provide its functions which are charging NiCD and Li-On batteries in under an hour and playing music through AM/FM or from aux input. It can indeed be said that Dewalt gets it job done, and has further improved from its last models. That’s why we recommend this brand to different types of users out there. Do check out other job site radio reviews too!

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