DEWALT DCL023 8V Max Worklight Review

The DEWALT DCL023 8V Max Worklight is one of the finest worklights that’s very easy to carry, and will guarantee you the perfect power output that you need for such a worklight. In fact, there are some hikers that saw this as a very good tool to bring for evening climbs. It’s extremely nifty and worth the budget!

The DEWALT DCL023 features a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty, which gives you peace of mind when investing in this product. Apart from this quality backup by DEWALT, this worklight offers you convenience for its compactness and manageable weight.

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51REGfb97CL 280 Lumen LED Output

The LED of the DEWALT DCL023 is known to be very useful if you need to bring a smaller type of worklight thanks to its bright output. The LED consists of 80 lumens – making it capable of brightly lighting up a certain area where the worklight is pointed at. This is great for finding items in a dark area, exploring mountains during the night, and is also great for workshops that don’t need too much light around the area. With the LED technology, you can ensure a lasting performance so there is no need to replace the bulbs every now and then.

Portability Feature

The DEWALT DCL023 has a very compact design – making it very effective when bringing it around different areas. Together with the feature that it has for long-lasting power, you will greatly benefit from this product if you want to bring it with you to a faraway place. This feature is one of the reasons why even explorers like the efficiency that this tool has to provide for their needs.

DEWALT DCL023 Specifications and Features

  • Bright LEDs- the product has an 80 lumens LED. With the size that it has, it’s perfect enough to serve its purpose in lighting up areas while on-the-go.
  • Compact Size – the small size that it has made it perfect for explorers and not just hobbyists. The light weight that it has provided thanks to its size made it very efficient when carried around.
  • 2 Zone Light Pattern – to provide better options in lighting up areas, the product comes with a 2 zone light pattern. In this way, you will be able to provide different options during various situations when you’re working or checking out something/an area.
  • Warranty – The product comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty to help you save money in case of problems with the worklight.
  • Battery Operated – the product needs a nonstandard battery for it to work. The product doesn’t come with a battery to use.

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DEWALT DCL023 Reviews

Customers found this nifty worklight very useful for their needs. Therefore, it has gained a 9.8 out of 10 stars all-in-all for the 110 reviews that it was able to accumulate. People found the product extremely useful when purchasing the product, and were able to use it very well at most times. Even explorers posted a review for the worklight because it has greatly helped them in their adventures.

One person said that the product was extremely great to use, and it comes well during emergency situations in the house such as blackouts and when it’s flooding already. The person is a resident in his own home, and he was able to make various repairs on the basement. With the help of the DEWALT DCL023, he can easily spot problems in the pipelines and some leaks where water comes out when going to the area.

A hiker was able to benefit well when using the work light. He was able to perfectly track all of the trails needed to be traversed during the evening with the help of the light’s bright LED quality. He was also able to find dangerous areas with ease during the climb, too, considering the light as a life saver.

Things to Improve

One problem that made the DEWALT DCL023 quite inconvenient is more on the battery’s side. Nowadays, people prefer to use rechargeable worklights to make sure that the need of purchasing more batteries will be relieved. However, this product aims for better portability which is why the use of the usual battery is needed. However, you can purchase a rechargeable battery that’s fit for the flashlight since there are available batteries of those types.


The help of DEWALT DCL023 aims for the perfect convenience that people need when using a light in a way that’s easier to do with their own hands. Take note that there are a lot of customers who benefited well from this tool since it’s one of the worklights in the market that was able to provide an 80 lumen for its LED light – making it a very powerful tool in the dark, plus it’s very light and small.

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