Dewalt DCS371B Band Saw Review

For years, Dewalt has been making different types of power tools that are specifically designed for everyone’s need. Its Dewalt DCS371B Li-Ion bandsaw, for example, is a sought-after band saw for most advanced woodworkers. At first glance, you can certainly tell the difference of this band saw compared to the others. It has a specific overall design that only Dewalt can do.

The Dewalt DCS371B band saw can give a very impressive performance in just a small and conveniently sized tool. With its 20V MAX Li-Ion band saw, it has a cut capacity that can conveniently cut up to 2 inches of SCH 40 pipe. It is also designed with a LED working light with only a 20-second delay that helps illuminate work surfaces to make sure you get accuracy when cutting.

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Blade Tracking and Guide

One of the most basic and essential parts in a band saw is the blade and you need it to be as sharp as ever to do its work effectively. Tracking your band saw blade has never been given focus until the Dewalt DCS371B band saw. It is designed with a blade tracking adjustment that will help to have long lasting blades and fewer blade changes.

Dewalt DCS371B band saw has a blade-changing lever that easily loosens blade tension to allow for a quicker blade change whenever you have to. With its dual bearing blade guide with rollers, the band saw projects more durability within the blade support system. This feature of the Dewalt DCS371B will make sure you always have a reliable saw blade to do your various cutting jobs.

Ease of Use and Storage

Not only is Dewalt known to produce high-quality and heavy-duty pro tools, but with its Dewalt DCS371B, convenience is one of the bases of the design. It is definitely easy to use. With its ergonomic soft grip back handle, it can provide enough comfort and flexibility when working.

With this Dewalt band saw model, you get a very sleek and unique overall design you can’t find in other band saws. It is specially designed to be small and simple that makes it easier to store since it doesn’t take that much space. This makes it even easier for it to be transported from one place to another so you can pretty much bring it anywhere you want. The Dewalt DCS371B is also designed with an integrated hang hook so you can hang the saw without damaging any of its parts.

Dewalt DCS371B Features and Specifications

  • It has a center handle position which can provide a superior balance. Its ergonomic soft grip allows for an increased accuracy when cutting and less user fatigue.
  • It has a maximum cutting capacity of 2½ inches and a cutting speed of about 570 fmp.
  • The DCS371B is designed with a 20-second delay LED working light to illuminate your workspace better.
  • It is also designed with a tool-free blade changing lever to loosen blade tension and allow for a quick and easy blade change.
  • The overall tool length is about 15 inches and about 8 pounds total weight.
  • This Dewalt model band saw includes a DCS371 20V Max Band saw, 14/18 tpi blade, and an additional blade tracking wrench.

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Dewalt DCS371B Reviews

With all the features presented for the Dewalt DCS371B, it’s certainly a reliable band saw that can do all the work you need for it to do and is truly a 9.8 rating. With its modern and unique design, you get a very specific band saw for your woodworking jobs. It also has a design for convenience while using it and as well as when storing it.

The Dewalt DCS371B’s 20V MAX band saw system has enough power you need for all your woodworking jobs in such a small tool. It is also designed with durability and it is well-built which makes it extremely long lasting.

Things to Improve

The Dewalt DCS371B band saw is quite a popular choice for professional woodworkers and others who take it as a hobby because of its reliability. It doesn’t really have a disadvantage when it comes to doing what it is set to do; it can pretty much give you what a bandsaw can give and much more.

However, for those who are really picky, the Dewalt DCS371B can be purchased as a tool only set. This means that the battery and charger are not included in the purchase and you have to buy it separate from the tool itself.


In the end, the Dewalt DCS371B has fascinating overall design and features for a band saw. Though it is quite small and simple, it has a lot of power to do all woodworking stuff there is. It is an incredible tool, durable and can be really handy. It is a great investment for what it is worth. Do check out some of our band saw choices and best band saw reviews here.

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