DeWalt DCV581H Shop Vac Review

DeWalt DCV581 is one of the compact-designed vacuums that can do different cleaning tasks. Just like the others, this cleaning device has the ability to handle both wet and dry clean up and has a blower that can sweep off dry leaves and dust.

One of this product’s unique features is its HEPA-rated reusable filter that traps dust with almost 100% efficiency. It also has the ability to provide corded or cordless operation at 18v or 20v max battery. The cordless feature enables the user to go to any place without the power source to do the vacuuming tasks.

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One of the Unique Vacuums Available in the Market

DeWalt DCV581H is the only shop vac that has a cordless feature. For this reason, the unit can be brought everywhere even without its cord, which makes cleaning easier. This feature makes the product handier and more convenient to use because it allows greater mobility.

This cleaning device is the only rechargeable vacuum available in the market and also one of the quietest vacuums that have a decibel rating of 27 Db, one of the lowest vacuum decibels.

Furthermore, unlike other vacuums, this model’s accessories can fit into their dedicated placements properly and won’t fall off easily. The on-board storage has enough room to keep them. Moreover, it’s one of the few vacuums available in the store that have a flexible, durable, and crush-resistant hose.

Compact Design that Does Big Tasks

DeWalt DCV581H is small enough and easy to carry around. However, its sleek design enables it to perform a lot of big tasks. It has a blower feature that can be used to gust off debris in the house or at the garden. The conversion from the vacuum mode to the blower mode is easy.

This cleaning device is capable of handling many kinds of cleanups like dust, cobwebs, glass pieces, sink clogs, and water spills. The HEPA rated filters are reusable and easily accessible. The filters can trap dust and dirt with almost 100% efficiency. The tank has a 2-gallon fluid capacity and the process of emptying the collected cleanups is easy.

The product provides a unique feature of corded or cordless operation that can run on 18V or 20V max battery. This vacuum can be used to clean even the places that have no AC outlet.

DeWalt DCV581H Features and Specifications

  • HEPA rated wet/dry filters that trap dust with 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns.
  • Durable, flexible, crush-resistant, and easy-to-use fully integrated 5 ft. hose.
  • Cordless or corded operation either through an AC outlet or a battery.
  • Onboard storage for the vacuum accessories for portability.
  • Filters are washable and reusable.
  • Comes with 5-inch heavy duty and crush resistant hose, crevice tool attachment, wide nozzle tool attachment, Gore’s wet/dry HEPA rated filter, and other filters.

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DeWalt DCV581H Reviews

DeWalt DCV581H received an Editor’s Rating of 8.8 out of 10. What the users admire about the product is its ability to provide cordless and corded operation. This vacuum’s feature provides more accessible areas for cleaning, even the places without an available outlet for vacuum cleaning.

In addition to that, people love its compact design and portability. Despite this, the product has a lot of things to offer. It almost has the features and qualities of the other bulky vacuums. It can handle almost all kinds of cleanups and it also has a blower feature.

Furthermore, the accessories don’t snug off easily. Among the accessories, the users like its hose the most because of its durability and flexibility. On the other hand, the hose of the other products is not crush-resistant.

Things to Improve

One of the common complaints about the product is that its design is just intended for right-handed people. Left-handed people find it difficult to hold the product while they are cleaning.

Moreover, the battery and the charger are not included in the package and are sold separately. Some users also say that the cordless feature lacks the power to handle bigger tasks.

However, these are just minor complaints. DeWalt DCV581H is one of the most innovative vacuums available in the store. There’s no other multipurpose rechargeable vacuum available in the market other than this. Its uniqueness and strong features make it one of the best options.


DeWalt DCV581H is designed for greater mobility and portability. Therefore, it is recommended for people who live in places with rooms or other areas with no power source or outlet. It is also recommended for people who frequently move from places to places. However, this vacuum can be used by anyone who just wants to have an emergency cleaning device.

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