DEWALT DW089K 3-Beam Line Laser Review

The DEWALT DW089K Line Laser is the laser level you should buy if you want a guaranteed strong and durable device. What it mainly offers is durability and accuracy. You can use this laser equipment in the rigorous commercial building and DIY projects without risking damage to the unit.

The construction of this laser level is sturdy enough that you can still use it with a new application after you are done with your current project. Its laser technology guarantees that you will be able to get accurate measurements and straight lines as you utilize it in any indoor and outdoor setting.

This laser level also features a metal roll cage that is used to store the DEWALT DW089K for transport or storage. The construction of the cage is sturdy enough to withstand dropping and bashing (to a certain degree only) such that it will not damage the laser beam equipment it contains. The storage case of this laser level further improves the durability and sustains the longevity of the equipment.

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3-Beam Line Laser for Wide Range of Accurate Applications

The DEWALT DW089K uses three beam lasers for better coverage in installing storage units, mapping layouts, installing floor tiles, and fitting rails, doors, and other structures into a building. Unlike other laser levels, this model has a second plumb line, which creates a 90-degree angle on the ceilings and floors. The third beam of the DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling eliminates the need to use another laser equipment to project a vertical laser beam.

The 3-beam feature of this laser level helps you save money and saves you time since you do not have to set up more than one equipment for accurate measurements.

Extended Laser Range for Better Measurements

The DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling’s range can reach up to 165 feet. This is possible with the use of the laser line detector. For the layout, the tool has an accuracy level of approximately 1/8in for a 30-foot distance or even longer. The extended range and good level of precision guarantee better measurements for different types of settings.

DEWALT DW089K Features & Specs

Here are the features and specifications of DEWALT DW089K:

  • 3 Beam Line Laser- for better measurement coverage
  • 2x Bright diode- for increased beam visibility in bright settings
  • Comes with a magnetic pivot bracket- for easy mounting of laser level on metal surfaces
  • Accuracy level- up to +/- 1/8
  • Operation control- single button operation and access to control panel
  • Power Source- 4 AA batteries
  • Leveling Type- Self-Leveling
  • Indoor Visibility Range- up to 50ft easy measurement
  • Weight- 1.9 pounds

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DW089K Reviews and Ratings

The DEWALT DW089K has received a total of 235+ reviews, with an editor rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. One of the buyers was a tile contractor and according to his review, he used the DW089K every day for two years. According to him, this was the best laser layout equipment available in the market. In one of his jobs, he used this unit while an electrician was laying out for holes. That individual was impressed with the capabilities of this tool as he set it on the markings of the electrician that he wanted to buy this for his use.

Things to Improve

Some other customers did not like the quality of the DEWALT DW089K. This happens with any other tool ever released in the market. According to the top critical reviewer, who has scored the unit only 1 star, the unit as failed the calibration accuracy test.

Some other buyers also commented about the calibration issues of the device ordered. Even though this has been advertised as an accurate piece of equipment by the manufacturer, many customers are experiencing problems with this particular aspect. To resolve this, it could be put up for replacement or sent to the service center for checking. Laser levels only have certain accuracy levels, which is why before buying, customers should learn what accuracy level they are expecting from the unit.

Nevertheless, many customers loved the quality and calibration of the DEWALT DW089K.


Both domestic and commercial settings will benefit from the use of the DEWALT DW089K. Many owners use it for layout applications in their shop while some use it for personal purposes. This laser level does not require mastering certain skills since it is easy to operate with its single button operation.

The laser level itself is durable, especially with the case it comes with, and lightweight. There is no need to worry about its quality and functionality in various settings, even under bright conditions. It is a sure winner for a line laser. Do check out other best laser level, and the best rotary level too!

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