DEWALT DW680K Wood Planer Review

The Dewalt DW680K is a perfect planer either for the professionals and home users. Its features will surely match the needs of those people who are looking for perfection when it comes to creating planes. You should also know that it is a heavy duty kind so expect great capabilities and power with it. It is recommended that you know the basic handling of wood planers before you use it.

If you are searching for a portable and efficient one, then this unit will be the best choice for you. The depth of cuts of this can do so much that is why it is also recommended for heavy duty tasks. If you would like to work on several materials or woods at the same time, then this is the right tool to use. You will surely end up with a smooth and even finish.

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41vZqYvHjILTechnical Precision for Woodworks

As a professional wood planer, Dewalt DW680K has the capacity to handle tasks that require technical precision and accuracy. Others in the market can give an ordinary output while this unit can deliver precision no matter what task you work on. This is the reason why most professional woodworkers patiently search for this machine.

You can use this when you are working with extremely hard woods because it can still deliver a smooth finish effortlessly. This feature makes it perfect for professional woodworkers who need to produce volume of planes for their businesses and professional use.

It runs with a maximum of 15000 RPM motor that can offer you great capability. Aside from this, if you need to work on details, then Dewalt DW680k will surely be the perfect planer to use because it can create cuts even with small details.

High-Speed Steel Blades

The blades of planers serve as the life blood of these machines. Why? They are the ones that do the actual cutting, isn’t it? If you need to do straight edging, then this will surely get the job done for you. This is indeed perfect for transcribing straight lines. You will surely come up with woods with perfectly straight edges.

It is a fact that most hard woods are very hard to cut with straight edges. This is due to the extreme effort to cut it with precision. This has a way of doing it without sacrificing the quality of the edges. Even if you cut layers of thick woods, you’ll still be able to produce straight edges. This is brought by the sharp and sharpenable carbide knives attached to the cutter head. It moves in high speed action for more cuts. Aside from straight edging, it is also capable of framing that needs precise planing capability. Dewalt DW680K is known for its ability to create frames with perfection and craftsmanship. If you would like to try out these activities in woodworking, then this planer is surely the best companion for you.

Dewalt DW680K Features and Specifications

  • Powerful 7 amp motor that is meant for heavy duty tasks – this is one of the most powerful motors in wood planers.
  • Calibrated Depth Adjustment – this feature allows you to set the knob depending on your preferred settings.
  • High speed blades – these blades are used for straight edging and framing purposes in most of heavy duty wood planning tasks.
  • 3/32 maximum pass – it helps in saving time. You don’t need additional passes anymore.
  • Technical precision – this planer has the ability to work on complicated wood planning activities
  • Ergonomic handle – the handle is ergonomically designed for the comfort of the user.

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Dewalt DW680K Reviews

Due to the ability to work on stubborn woods, we will give Dewalt DW with a rating of 7 out of 10. This planer has the power to provide smooth finish even with layers of hard woods. Most of the users are very satisfied because they feel like they are able to use one that is professionally designed for such an affordable price.

They also noted that the ergonomically designed handle make it possible for them to work without getting too tired, thus, more productivity for them. Another factor that people consider worth buying for is its long shell life. You will definitely be able to use for extended years.

Things to Improve

The Dewalt DW680K is undeniably a powerful plane; however, few of the customers suggested that there should be an inclusion of a dust bag in the package. This will surely enhance it capabilities. Nevertheless, it won’t affect the remarkable performance of this unit.


In a nutshell, the Dewalt DW680K is considered as a very proficient wood planer in the market. It can ensure incredible precision and reliable performance. You will surely get many capabilities with this best heavy duty planer. You can read the reviews to help in deciding for a wood planer.

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